A Few Home Staging Tips and Tricks

There are many tips and tricks that professional home stagers use to get a great look for the homes they stage. Here are a few for you to try in your own home:

Floating Furniture - It may sound funny, but what we mean is to pull your furniture away from the wall and put it in conversational groupings. In many cases, pulling the furniture in to the room makes it feel larger and more airy. Below is a before and after example of a home we just staged.


Mirror, Mirror – Mirrors are often used to bounce light around a room, reflect a nice view, and make a room feel larger. But did you know that they are also fantastic staging props because they allow the buyers to literally see themselves in the home? We hung the mirror (above right) at eye level, so that as buyers entered the home it would be easy to picture themselves living there.

Bring the Outdoors In – We always love to bring in plants and flowers when staging. At this time of year, many homes have flowering plants that can be cut and brought inside. Many times it is not practical to have fresh flowers when staging, but if they are free and available, take advantage! Buyers love to see the flowers from the outside of the home used indoors. The example below is from the same home as above. When we arrived to stage, the landscaper was trimming the hydrangeas and had the flowers thrown on the grass, ready to put in the trash. We scooped them up and used them in the home. We put some pool-side, too!


Have a Purpose – Many times homeowners have unused rooms that collect junk. Clear away the junk and give the room a purpose. Making a cluttered “junk room” into a guest room or craft room is a great way to go. Even a multi-purpose room can do the trick! The photo below is a good example.


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