A New Wallpaper for Home Interior Redesign

This Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove Wallpaper Adds Drama to Any Space!

fireplace wall with wallpaperWallpaper has made a comeback over the last few years. Many designers are using it, and it has been a big favorite on television shows such as Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Income Property, and many others. In the new style of application for redesign and home staging, wallpaper is used as an accent. Use it to draw attention to interesting architectural features, such as a fireplace or dormer window. It is not used to cover the entire room, as in older applications.Wallpaper is not usually desired by home buyers. So, when using it for home staging purposes, trust your home stager to advise you on the proper usage. If your home stager advises the use of wallpaper, use the new, removable kind. Be sure you let your Realtor know the wallpaper is easily removable so they can alert potential buyers, and it won't hinder your sale.Removable wallpaper is a great alternative to traditional types of wallpaper. It comes off in seconds without any tools or chemicals, and it's much easier to apply. Removable wall paper can be more expensive than the old fashioned kind that is applied by soaking in water or using paste. The paper we chose was about $30 for 25 square feet. But the savings in time, prep and clean up out-weighs the cost. One $30 roll was just enough to cover the area above the fireplace.Removable wallpaper is especially good when:
  • you plan to move in the not too distant future
  • you don't want to deal with the expensive installation/removal of wallpaper
  • you'd like to try adding an accent wall for redesign or home staging purposes
hanging wallpaperThe application of this removable wallpaper is easy. First, you need to measure the length of the piece of wallpaper you need (by measuring the height of the wall) and add a couple extra inches as a safeguard against measurement mistakes and irregularities in the wall. It helps to use a level to keep the wallpaper plumb. The wallpaper has a backing that must be peeled off to expose the adhesive backing of the wallpaper (similar to Contact® Paper). Because the wallpaper is easily removable, it is also easy to reposition. So, if you make a mistake, don't worry. You can just correct it.Peel back off the backing about 6 inches, and place the wall paper at the top of the wall where it joins the ceiling. Smooth out any air bubbles that occur and continue to peel the backing from the wallpaper and smooth it as you apply it to the wall. You may want to use a piece of plastic or cardboard to help you squeeze the bubble out from under the wallpaper. Once it is applied to the wall and you're happy with it, trim off any excess at top and bottom with a razor knife.wallpaper patternsThere are many places to purchase removable wallpaper online. You may also want to stop in to Target and see what they have in stock. The wallpaper we used in the photos above came from Target. They also carry coordinating paint that compliments the wallpaper. The wallpaper we used in the photo above is called "Mirage". A photo of the wallpaper and its coordinating paint colors are below.'Mirage and Silver' wallpaper  Devine Color paintsAbove is a close up of the wallpaper we used in this application for redesign purposes, called Mirage and Silver. What you can't tell from this photo is that there is a silver background to the paper with a mushroom matte design imprinted over it. This paper gives the look of texture with touches of metallic glamour. This particular wallpaper is good for both home staging and redesign purposes. The paint colors shown were designed to coordinate with the wallpaper, which is especially good in redesign applications.For information on choosing paint colors for your home, you can download our Color Testing Guide.Click to DownloadFor more information on redesign or home staging, call us for a FREE in-home consultation at 781-489-8489.SaveSave