Are Staged Homes Necessary in Desirable Locations?

A Great Location Doesn’t Guarantee a Fast Sale but Staged Homes Sell Faster.You hear the old adage all the time, “In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location!” We agree location is a critical component in the desirability and price of a property, but it takes much more than location to get the sale. We’ve seen many homes in “hot” locations sit on the market because they were either vacant, had unusual paint colors, bad furniture flow, or out of date décor. Most of these homes were actually quite nice, but buyers couldn’t see past these issues so they stayed sitting on the market. The plain truth is this: if buyers can’t imagine themselves living in the home, they won’t buy it, but staged homes will give buyers the push they may need to make an offer.We recently staged a home in a residential neighborhood of Boston. It had been on the market for over six weeks without an offer.Boston condo before staging The paint colors were very strong – a combination of cobalt blue and mango orange. The décor felt like an older person lived in the home, yet the home was a third floor walk-up condominium. The condo is best suited for a young couple or family with older children because of the stairs, yet the colors felt chaotic and the style was geared for an older person.Boston condo after stagingA neutral paint color and updated décor were the key ingredients to this transformation in a Boston condo.The real estate agent told us that because the market is hot and the neighborhood is desirable, she expected the home to sell immediately as is, even with the bold paint colors and dated décor, and was surprised that it had been six weeks without an offer on the property. When we were called in, the homeowners were in a crunch to sell because they had a contingency offer on another home and hadn’t sold their condo. We chose a light gray paint color, and staged after the home was painted. This home has the location, and it is newer construction in a desirable Boston neighborhood, but buyers couldn’t relate to it before staging. After we staged the condo, the homeowners received an offer within four days!Douglas, MA home before stagingWe also recently have staged homes in Douglas, MA. Douglas is not a “hot” location. The average number of days a home stays on the market in Douglas is 234. Both homes we staged were under contract in five days or less. Bottom line - staged homes sell faster than homes that aren’t staged!Douglas, MA home after stagingRemoval of curtains, updated décor appropriate for this country home, and decluttering helped this Douglas, MA home sell at the first open house.Staged homes help buyers imagine themselves living in the home no matter where the location. If you are thinking about selling your home and live in a desirable location, that is great, but don’t assume this will be enough to help you get top dollar. On the other hand, if you are in an area that isn’t as sought after, staged homes in that area will be greatly more desirable and help buyers overcome this obstacle to the sale.If you would like to know more about "What Buyers Desire", download our free guide. Click to Download
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