Are You Too Busy With Your Family to Stage Your Home For Sale? We Can Stage It For You!

busyLife can be hectic, especially if you have young children! But if you want to sell your home in order to move your family in to a location with a better school district, a home with more bathrooms, or just more space, staging your current home will sell it faster and for more money! We can help maximize the amount of money you will get for your current home. Our statistics show that the homes we staged sold 76% faster and for more money than the homes we consulted on where the homeowners didn’t stage their homes with us.

We are a professional home staging company that works with busy people like you all the time. If you’re worried about our décor items getting broken – don’t. We have a large inventory of staging props, and can be sure to make your home sale-ready without using breakable items. Or, we can purchase the key décor pieces for you to own, so you will not have the concern that goes along with utilizing borrowed items.

You’re under enough pressure – let us take care of the staging while you take care of your family. Feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming move? You can download the Moving Checklist below.


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