Avoid a Stale Listing by Staging

living room after home stagingAre you getting ready to put your home on the market? Have you thought about home staging but think you might just put it on the market and see how it goes? The moment you put your home on the market the clock starts ticking and the perceived value of the home starts to drop within the first few weeks on the real estate market. It's similar in a way to purchasing a new car – the minute you drive it off the lot, it goes down in value. The key is to sell within the first three weeks before the buyer's perceived value of the home starts to diminish and you make less money from the sale.

We can understand the notion of listing your home without staging to see if you can sell it to save some money. Just beware that in many cases this ends up costing more money in the long run due to a longer time on market - which means a lower sales price, more carrying costs, and potentially price reductions.

Staging prior to listing and coming on the market strong gives you the best chance of selling for asking price or more. You will also have a higher probability of receiving multiple offers. Multiple offers almost always raise the selling price of the home as buyers bid for ownership. Home staging – updating, cleaning, decluttering, and designing the home with a cohesive feel designed to appeal to the most likely buyer – is the best way to increase your chance for multiple offers.staged vignetteWhen a home has been languishing on the market and then home staging is enacted, the excitement of "newness" is lost because the clock has been ticking on the home. Home staging is still effective, however, and in many cases the home will sell quickly. For example, we staged a home that had been on the market (unstaged) for 10 months with no offers. After we staged it, the home was under contract in two weeks. However, the home had undergone many price reductions in the 10 months it was on the market, and sold slightly below the new lowered asking price.If you are thinking of testing the waters without home staging ask yourself if you are willing to drop the price of your home over time, or accept less than your asking price. Our home staging service will never exceed more than 1% of the value of your home. In many cases it is significantly less. The cost of home staging is almost always less than the cost of a price reduction.You may also enjoy reading our blog, Stage your Home and Come on the Market Strong.Download our Savings By Staging worksheet to see how staging can impact your bottom line.Click to DownloadCall us at 781-489-8489 or email us at info@buyersdesirestaging.com for a free in-home consultation.SaveSave