Avoid Erasing Memories when Home Staging

Linda and I were on a staging consultation recently for a nice young family in Hudson, MA. Our client had two children both under five years old and she had been tracking their height growth on the wood trim molding going into the kitchen. It was so sweet to see and unfortunately we had to recommend that they remove it, since it was too personal for potential buyers. She said she knew this was going to be problem so her husband had thought about removing and replacing the molding, but they decided not to because it would damage the hardwood floors. In the end they decided to just transfer it using transfer paper.

While scrolling through Houzz.com, I saw this great product that would prevent this situation. It is a large over-sized ruler that you can easily measure your children’s growth on. Then if you decide to sell your home, it is simple to just remove it and put it up in your new home. It also doubles as modern art. That is a win-win in my book! To purchase it, go to www.dearlillie.com and it sells for $75.