Boston Home Staging Success Story: The North End

Read the Boston home staging success story below to find out how a tiny condo sold $59,000 over the original targeted price in the North End of Boston!

staged homeThe Consultation:We usually meet with the homeowner at their home for a consultation, however, this was different. Our consultation happened over the phone on a Thursday morning in February. She had been researching Boston home staging companies online, found Buyers Desire Home Staging and read our online reviews. After reading them she felt comfortable enough with us to leave keys at a neighborhood dry cleaner's for us to pick up and let ourselves in to her condo. We drove that afternoon to see it and made a proposal that evening. The client called the next morning and wanted to know if we could stage it before the next blizzard came in on Monday. We had been planning to work in our warehouse that Friday, so we switched gears and designed the condo, packed it all up and drove into the North End and staged the condo that same day.The Home:The 350 square foot condo had hardwood floors, a loft sleeping space, granite counters, new cabinets and a luxurious bathroom. The homeowner had made very smart design choices and worked in lots of storage into the unit. However, when the condo was vacant, it felt tiny and impractical. We knew home staging could fix the perception that the unit might be too small for functional living.Home Preparation:The home was in good condition with an updated kitchen and beautiful bathroom. The walls could have used a fresh coat of paint - there were lots of scuffs from the previous tenant, and the bedroom was dark brown. However, the homeowner was in a hurry to put the condo on the market, and she didn't want to invest in painting.Boston Home Staging Assessment of Buyer Demographic:We have staged in the North End of Boston and had a good feel for the demographic. With the very tiny footprint of this fourth floor walk-up condo, we knew it would be a young single professional, or possibly a young professional couple. Boston home staging is one of our favorites because the designs can be more colorful and cool. This was a perfect time to bring in fun colors and accessories.Living Room:The small space had great light from three windows, but it was relatively narrow. We added a mirror and a narrow table across from the windows to reflect the light and help the space feel wider. We used two chairs from our inventory, instead of a small sofa, due to the time constraints. We added décor to the shelves and a faux TV to the built-in entertainment unit. The paint color in the kitchen was a brownish-pink shade, so we took it as our cue for our color scheme, and used coral/pink accents throughout the home. To read more about how to use pink as an accent color when staging, read our blog, Using the Color Pink when Staging a Home for Sale.after  before
Loft Bedroom-Office:The condo had a raised loft area for a bed over a fold down desk. The room was narrow but functional. Because the sleeping loft was over the desk area, there was very little headroom in both spaces. We knew we had to play up the functionality of the space while making it look cute and livable. Because the walls were dark brown, we continued the "pops" of coral and used white bedding in the sleeping after  loft before
Kitchen:The kitchen was in great shape with granite counter and lots of new cabinets. We highlighted these great features with artwork in pinks and corals, and a bowl of apples that had pink-coral tones. Mugs with coral colored napkins and dishes highlighted the bar dining area. We also set up a cookbook on a stand and a cutting board with a faux vegetable, which you can't see in the photo, to showcase the large cooking after  kitchen before
The Result:We spoke with Realtor who told us he was planning to list the condo at $326,000. After he saw it staged, he listed it at $349,000. Although there was a record breaking amount of snow falling, the condo had a packed open house. It received multiple offers and sold for $385,000! That's $59,000 over the original price the Realtor had planned to list at. Needless to say, the home owner was thrilled. She owns another condo in the same building, and hired us to stage that, too. That one also went under contract after the first open house. We'll write a follow-up story after it closes.If you'd like to know how much you could potentially make/save by home staging, download our Savings by Staging Guide. Click to DownloadInterested in a Boston home staging company? Call us at 781-489-8489 and we can answer any questions you may have.Save