Busy Professionals Hire Professional Home Stagers

living room after home stagingProfessional home stagers began a trend on the west coast about 20 years ago and now it's blossomed into a phenomenon that's here to stay! We get call every week from Realtors® whose potential clients ask if they work with a staging company. Savvy sellers know that home stagers know how to make their home appealing to buyers. They also know that a staged home translates to fantastic MLS photos, busier open houses, a higher chance of multiple offers, shorter time on market and in many cases, a higher sales price!Busy professionals make up a large portion of our clients. They hire professional home cleaners, nannies, landscapers, and personal trainers to make their lives easier. Professional home stagers make their lives simpler, too.Staging your own home for sale is difficult. It's almost impossible to view your own home objectively, as home stagers do. Professional home stagers are not emotionally attached to the items in your home, and make decisions based on current design trends and their research into the buyer demographic. At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we research the demographic of your town and stage your home to appeal to the most likely buyer. Not all home stagers conduct this research. Additionally, as professional home stagers we have a large inventory of décor items. This allows our staging design to enhance the architecture of the home while appealing to the appropriate buyer.

after home staging
Professional home stagers will make a design plan for your home, which alleviates you from having to do so, and let's you focus on moving to your new home. We will make a home preparation plan for you to follow – a large part of which will include things that you should remove. This will help you pack for your new home. We will also choose paint colors, tile, countertops, and flooring for your home as part of our professional real estate home staging service if you need them. Luckily, we have a network of trusted vendors that we can recommend to help with these tasks if you are too busy or unable to carry them out.If rental furniture is needed, professional home stagers will chose it and arrange for the rental company to contact you. At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we have years of experience in selecting the correct furniture to fit our design plan and your budget. If you are still living in your home, we will make a design plan to use your existing furniture if possible, which will save you money. Some home stagers want you to empty your home, and furnish it completely with rentals. We don't feel this is necessary.We believe in getting the most "bang for your buck" and want to be sure your make money on your investment in home staging.Download our FREE "10 Most Important Questions to Ask a Home Staging Company" guide below.Click to DownloadFor more information on our professional home staging service, or toschedule a FREE in-home consultation, call us at 781-489-8489.SaveSaveSave