Buyers Desire a Move-in Ready Home

Most buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready. Today’s buyers are busy. They work hard, and they don’t have time to fix problems. They don’t even have time (or the desire) to paint. We often meet sellers who need to make updates. Most of the time the updates are simple, but the sellers will say; “It’s too much work to take down wallpaper and repaint. The new homeowners will want to remodel it anyway.” Although we may agree that the buyers may want to customize the home to fit their style – they don’t want to have to remodel before move in. Most buyers prefer a move-in ready home with the ability to change the home to suit their taste over time. When a buyer feels they will have to spend time and money before they can even move into the home, they will move onto another listing. A comparable property that is move-in ready will win the offer. This is why it is so important to listen to the advice of your professional home stager, and make the recommended updates and repairs.Also, most people have difficulty imagining the potential that a home has. They can’t visualize what it would look like with neutral paint colors and an improved furniture arrangement, and they cannot emotionally connect to a home when they cannot imagine themselves living in it. If the buyer can’t emotionally connect, they won’t make an offer. This is why professional home staging plays a critical role. As professional home stagers, we know what buyers desire, and can recommend updates that should be made to your home to make it look and feel move-in-ready.Professional stagers can also recommend the updates that you shouldn’t bother to do, saving you time and money. For example, we met a homeowner who was ready to have wall-to-wall carpet placed in the bedroom, to cover her hardwood floor. The floors were a little scratched, and she didn’t have money to have them refinished. We advised her not to spend the money on the carpet. Buyers would prefer to have hardwood floors, even if they are a little worn. She followed our advice, and the investment in professional home staging paid off. Her home sold on the first weekend, $30,000 over the asking price after receiving 3 offers.before and after home stagingHere’s a very personal example of how move-in ready triumphed over outdated. I decided to look for a new home. Keep in mind – I can “see” the potential of any home; that is my profession – I am a professional home stager. I looked at quite a few in the price range I was targeting, and they all needed a lot of updates. I saw everything from yellow countertops and fake wood paneling to red carpets and blue toilets. I could see the potential in all of them, but I decided to increase my budget by about 20% to see if I could find something that was move-in ready, and that’s exactly what I found. The home I bought had neutral paint colors and was clean. The home had been on the market for almost a year. I believe it didn’t connect with buyers because it was nearly empty, and the furniture that was in it was dated. Because I am a professional home stager, I could see the potential, just as I had in the other homes. But there was a difference here – I would be able to move into the home just as it was. There are things I am planning to change, such as paint colors that are more tailored to my personal design aesthetic, but they can wait until I have the time.Only about 10% of people can visualize the full potential in a home. When a home is painted in bold or outdated colors, most people can’t imagine it any other way, and even when they can, they usually don’t have the time, money or ambition to make those changes. Buyers will pay more for a property that is move-in ready, and they will pay even more when they “get their heart set” on it. Professional home staging puts their heart in it. Professional home staging not only advises the seller of the needed repairs and design updates, but it helps the buyer become emotionally invested in the home. When a home is move-in ready AND it connects with buyers on an emotional level, a strong offer will be made.For guidance on choosing a qualified professional home stager download our guide, Ten Most Important Questions to Ask a Home Staging Company.Click to DownloadTo create a move-in ready home, contact Buyers Desire Home Staging for a complimentary professional home staging consultation at 781-489-8489.SaveSaveSave