Case Study: Home Staging Do’s and Don’ts for a Boston Listing

As a professional home stager, I cannot stress the importance enough of great MLS pictures. Over 90% of people are viewing homes online to determine which homes they are interested in. Your MLS pictures need to be strong and grab potential buyer’s attention so they feel it is worth their time and effort to visit the home in person.

I found this home for sale in Boston on-line and the pictures were taken from the MLS listing. I have never seen the home in person.


This is the first picture shown for this particular listing. Typically the exterior of the home is shown as the first picture, and if you have great curb appeal, I recommend showing that first. A similar picture as the one shown below is a great alternative if you live in a condominium and the exterior of the building is not that attractive. The open door with the wreath and entrance into the living room feels like the picture is saying, “come on in!” It creates a warm first impression of the home and entices you to look at other pictures of the home – which is the first step to getting buyers through your door.

Case Study1

Staging Tip: Always have a fresh welcome mat at the front entrance of your home when you are selling. Only put it out for open houses and showings to keep it looking fresh. A mat that literally says, “welcome” is better than a mat with just a pretty picture. You want the buyer to immediately have a warm first impression and reading the word “welcome” subconsciously helps create this feeling.


Never have a picture of any type of animal shown on the MLS pictures. In the picture below you can see a black lab. I am a dog lover - but not everyone is. It is best to disguise all signs of animals throughout the process of selling your home. Some people may have allergies and just knowing an animal previously lived in the home will dissuade them from visiting.

Case Study2

Staging Tip: For all open houses and showings, ask a neighbor or friend if you can come by with your animals so they are not in the house. Not only will this prevent any adverse reactions from some potential buyers, but you won’t have to worry about them accidentally escaping while people view your home.

If you would like more personalized help staging your home for sale, please contact us. If you have already listed your home for sale and haven’t received the interest you hoped for, you may email us your MLS listing and we will give you our professional opinion.