Creative Cover Up for Your Electrical Panel

How to make a ribbon bulletin board to decoratively disguise an ugly electrical panelelectrical panel hidden by ribbon bulletin boardAs professional home stagers, there are times we come across an electrical panel in a main living area and we need a creative way to disguise it. If placement is right, we often hang a piece of artwork over it. However, in some cases another solution is needed.

We were called in to stage a home in Cambridge, MA. You can see in the picture below that there is a very large and unsightly electrical panel. Hiding it with a piece of art would not have worked since the panel had an awkward placement. To solve this problem we made a large ribbon bulletin board. Read below to learn how to make one for yourself.before items neededYou will need the following items:
  • a piece of 1/8 inch thick plywood larger than the electrical panel
  • burlap (or other fabric) that is larger than the plywood
  • quilt batting that is larger than the plywood
  • ribbon and buttons
  • staple gun
  • hot glue gun
  • saw tooth picture hanger
Step 1:Spread out the quilt batting on the floor or a table. Place the plywood on top of the batting. Cut the batting so it is about 2 inches larger on all sides than the piece of wood.back side of boardStep 2:Fold the batting over the back of the piece of wood and staple the batting to the board around the edges about every three inches. Pick up the board and put aside.Step 3:Spread out the burlap (or other fabric) with printed side down, so it is nice and smooth. Then place the plywood, batting side down, on top of the burlap. Place it so it is "square" with the weave of the fabric (so it looks neat and straight when it is completed). Cut the fabric so it is about 2 inches larger on all sides than the plywood.
Step 4:Staple one of the longest sides of the burlap to the board about with staples about 3 inches apart. Staple the opposite side of the burlap to the board, pulling the burlap so it is snug. Then do the same for the two remaining sides while folding the corners neatly into 45 degree angles.Step 5:Measure the board and mark the mid points on the back. Our board was 2' x 4' so it made the calculations easy. Once you mark the midpoints, measure and mark the midpoints between the other marks.Step 6:Staple a piece of ribbon on the back of the board at one of the marks. Stretch the ribbon to its corresponding mark on the adjacent side of the board and staple, going in a diagonal. Cut off the excess, and repeat until all the ribbon is stapled to the board on the back side.Step 7:Turn the board over so the right side is up, and staple the ribbon to the board at the intersection of the ribbons.Step 8:Hot glue a button over each staple on the front of the board.picture hanged addedStep 9:Add a saw tooth picture hanger to the back of the bulletin board at the top midpoint of the back.
completed ribbon bulletin boardAll done! Now you have a beautiful ribbon bulletin board that you can add photos and other memos to.We always research the buyer demographic and customize each home we stage to appeal to the target buyer. This bulletin board was "staged" to fit the condo and the target buyer. Since we made this board for a home we were staging in Cambridge, we printed out photos of well-known Cambridge landmarks. We also walked through the neighborhood and picked up take out menus to decorate the board. Now the bulletin board looks attractive and functional - the perfect solution to an otherwise ugly eyesore.  ribbon bulletin board hiding electrical panelHave other unsightly things in the home you wish you knew how to conceal? Read 36 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home.Do you have any other solutions to hide an electrical panel? If so please comment below and share your ideas!Items such as electrical panels are unpleasant to look at and show be covered when preparing you home for sale. Another thing to be aware of are possible bad smells in the home. Learn how to cover them up with our download 5 Simple Solutions to Deodorize Your Home..Click to DownloadWould you like our home staging advice? Call us at 781-489-8489 to schedule a free home staging consultation today!SaveSave