De-Staged Home Disappointment

Destaged DisappointmentAs home stagers, we know the impact a staged home makes. A professionally staged home excites buyers, and shows them a lifestyle they could have if they lived in the home.

We gets calls from people who are moving all the time, for many different reasons, but recently we heard one that surprised us. A woman called and said she was selling her home and wanted it staged. After talking for a few minutes, she revealed that she and her husband had recently purchased a home in Boston. When they had initially seen the property it was staged. Once they closed on the property, they saw it vacant and they didn’t like it. They never moved in and are putting it on the market now!

Obviously, this is an unusual case, but it certainly illustrates the power of home staging. However, it also brings up a new issue that maybe isn’t as unusual as we originally thought. As staging gains popularity, more and more people are buying homes that have been staged by professionals trained in interior design. Once the staged look is removed, buyers may be disappointed that they can’t seem to set up their new home to look as great as when they saw it staged. Redesign addresses this issue by using your items and furniture and incorporating strong design elements to create visually appealing rooms. We can create a highly stylized home that suits your design aesthetic (and is easy on your wallet) so you can fall in love with your home all over again.

We are scheduled to meet with the client mentioned above in a week. We will explain our Redesign Service to her if she is interested because otherwise she might spend money on staging and decide to keep the home after all!

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