Feng Shui Concepts and Home Staging

The concept of Feng Shui originated in China. Translated literally it means “wind-water”. Historically Feng Shui has been used to orient buildings and in architecture. Feng Shui as it relates to home staging is the idea of rearranging items in the home, allowing energy (or chi) to flow through the home creating a sense of wellbeing. The idea is that with the appropriate flow, the home will have a positive energy and buyers will want to purchase the home.Some skeptics feel as though the concepts of Feng Shui are folklore or superstitions. However, many professional home stagers are taking notice or are already using Feng Shui to make homes more feel more inviting to potential buyers. Let’s explore some of these concepts as it relates to home staging.Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a property as it is viewed from the street. You will want your house to seem welcoming and inviting to potential buyers. Trim back bushes or trees to make your entrance visible from the street and clear all pathways to the house. Paint the front door a bold or contrasting color to indicate the main entrance. Add a potted plant on either side of the door to greet visitors. Round leaves on these plants are preferable, as spiked leaves may appear harsh and aggressive. Make sure your home numbers are displayed on the house and are visible from the street and be sure to add a fresh welcome mat.

overgrown house
house exterior
 Now that your home is making a great impression on the outside, it’s time to work on the inside. Feng Shui encourages the creation of a “Room of First Impression”. A buyer will decide whether or not they will buy home in the first 8 seconds. The idea behind the “Room of First Impression” is to guide visitors to the best room in the home first using carpets, eye catching art, and by leaving a large opening in the furniture arrangement for entrance into the room. Your home staging professional can help you achieve this.If a bathroom is located near the entrance of the house the door should be kept closed as to not distract the potential buyer or drain the energy of the home. In fact, the principles of Feng Shui state that all bathroom doors be kept closed and lids on toilet seats be closed. While we agree to toilet lids being closed, when home staging, it is best to leave the bathroom doors open.living room after home stagingFurniture in a living room such as a sofa should be facing toward the entrance of the room. Keeping pathways open allow visitors to easily walk through a house without bumping into anything, which promotes positive energy flow. To achieve this, furniture may need to be removed and put into storage. Never put all the furniture up against the wall so that closeness and conversation are promoted. 

Clutter prevents energy from flowing through the home. Decluttering is always a key component to home staging. Clear out all your knickknacks, photos and personal items.In the bedroom, place the bed on the opposite wall of the entrance to create a safe and secure feeling. Place two bed tables on either side of the bed and two lamps on each table. The tables and lamps create a feeling of balance.bedroom after home staging Art should be colorful and it should depict natural, friendly and positive images.In the kitchen, display a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter. This is a symbol of prosperity and generosity. The pantry and cabinets should be clean and only half full. Set aside a formal dining area to help the potential homebuyer envision happy, healthy meals with family.Use calm and airy paint colors throughout the home to create a light and calm energy. The use of mirrors will reflect light and energize the space. Books represent education and should be displayed.Whether you buy into the ideas of Feng Shui and the notion of chi or not, many of the ideas in this blog are used readily in the home staging industry. Contact your certified home staging professional today to create that positive feeling in your home that will have buyers excited to move in.For a related article on the Feng Shui concepts and home staging see this related HGTV article, Feng Shui Staging Tips: Impress Buyers by improving your Home’s Energy.For more information on how to select a professional home staging company, see Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Home Staging Company.Click to DownloadContact Buyers Desire Home Staging for a complimentary consultation at 781-489-8489 or at info@buyersdesirestaging.com.Save