Five Steps to Saying Goodbye when Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a stressful and emotional time. We have found that this is especially true if you are downsizing or moving because of a life change, such as divorce. When people are buying up they are excited about having more space, a better school system for their kids, bigger yard, etc. While it still can feel sad to let go of their current home, they are excited about what their new house will bring. However, when people are downsizing or life is taking an unexpected turn, they may feel that a chapter of their life is closing and that can be very emotional. You home is part of your identity and letting go can feel scary and cause fear of the unknown.Below are some steps to follow to help you emotionally detach from your home, so you can feel ready to move on to the next phase of your life.Step 1: Let yourself mournGive yourself permission to feel sad and upset about letting go of your home for a day or two. It is natural to feel down and keeping your feelings bottled up will not make them go away. When you feel you are ready, move on to step 2.Step 2: Get to the source of your feelingsAnalyze why you are really upset. You may be holding on to the house because you are holding on to something else emotionally. Are you more upset that a certain chapter of your life is over more than the fact you are selling your home? Identifying the true source of your feelings can help you release it and realize that it is okay to let the home go.children playing in a swimming poolStep 3: Identify your ideal buyerSometimes people have a hard time letting go because they are afraid the new owner will not appreciate and take care of the home. To help reduce this worry, make a list of all the things you hope the new buyer for your home will be. You may realize that you no longer need the big back yard with the pool and swing set, but you know a young child will love to grow up here. Identifying who you wish the new buyer will be will make you will feel better and ready to release your home to someone who will enjoy it for years to come.Step 4: Throw a House Cooling PartySimilar to having a house warming party, throw a house cooling party before you put your home on the market and invite all your family, friends, and neighbors to say goodbye to the home. Leave a notebook out where people can write down and share their favorite memories that happened in the home. Once every one leaves, go around to each room and write your own special memories you have that occurred in the home. This will remove any fears that all the good memories that happened in the home will be lost.Another bonus of having a house cooling party is that you can get rid of some of your belongings you no longer want/need. Prior to the party, collect items that you would like to get rid of. Set them all out on a table and tell your guests at the party to please take anything they'd like. This saves you from having a yard sale or taking a trip to your local Savers or Salvation Army.Step 5: Have your home stagedLastly, when you feel you have worked through your feelings and are ready to move on, have your home professionally staged. Removing all your personal belongings and family photos will help you view your home as a product you are selling and help you emotionally detach from the home.Not sure if now is the right time for you to move? Download our Are You Ready to List Your Home for Sale? guide to gain more insight if now is a good time.Click to DownloadFor a FREE in-home consultation, call us at 781-489-8489Save