Have a Drink – with Buyers Desire Home Staging

drinks on a tableWhen staging a home for sale, we strive to make buyers feel comfortable and imagine themselves in the home. A buyer feels comfortable when they relate to the décor and items in the home. In a family home, we set up scenarios to inspire buyers to think of family events and occasions. For example, we may set up a Tic Tac Toe board in the family room. When staging a home for young professionals we may set up an office with brightly colored art and fun desk accessories.In just about every home we stage, we use drinks to help buyers envision themselves living in the home. In some cases, we will set up a party scene, in some cases lemonade is the right choice, in others, coffee or tea may be the right choice. Depending on the home and buyer demographic, we may even set up a full bar. If a home has a built-in wine rack, we stock it! Giving the buyer the fullest picture of how a buyer will live in the home is key to engaging them emotionally when staging a home for sale. When a buyer can clearly see how they will live in the home, they will be much more likely to make an offer.Many large homes are designed for entertaining, with large dining rooms and sometimes built in bars or wine racks. We will play up these features and sometimes bring in a free-standing bar cart. In small condos near Boston, we also set up bars often. When the buyer demographic is a young, well educated professional, many times a bar – or space for entertaining, will attract them to the home.haveadrink2When a home is designed for family living, a display with soft drinks, such as lemonade or soda, is appropriate and will help buyers "connect" when staging a home for sale.haveadrink3Almost all of us have coffee or tea as part of our morning routine. A beautiful vignette depicting this generally mundane aspect of our lives will tug at the emotions of the buyer, and make them feel their day-to-day lives will be improved if they own this home. These scenarios help them feel emotional about the home and the lifestyle they will have if they buy the home.haveadrink4There are many facets to staging a home for sale, and displaying beverages is just one of them. It all comes down to portraying a lifestyle that the targeted buyer aspires to. At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we research the buyer demographic to determine the design style that will appeal to the appropriate buyers so that you will sell quickly and for the most amount possible.To find out more of what buyers' desire when searching for their new home, download our What Buyers Desire guide.Click to DownloadFor a free in-home consultation, call us at 781-489-8489 or email us at info@buyersdesirestaging.comSave