Hiring a Professional Home Stager Reduces Stress When Preparing Your Home for Sale

reduce stress with professional home stagingMany people know the benefits of home staging: selling faster and for more money. However, there is a third and very important benefit of hiring a professional home stager that often goes unmentioned: reduced stress on the home owner.According to www.healthstatus.com, moving is listed as the third most stressful life event:

  1. Death of a loved one
  2. Divorce
  3. Moving
  4. Major Illness
  5. Job Loss
Before you can even physically move you must prepare your home for sale and list it on the real estate market. This can be a very stressful time, but working with a professional home stager can help drastically reduce the amount of stress on the home seller.Stress Factor #1: Degree of uncertainty

"Will my home sell quickly?""Will my home sell for what it is worth?""Will my neighbor's dilapidated house prevent buyers from making an offer?"

For most people their home is their largest investment, and many times the selling price will determine their financial future – such as the next house they can buy, or part of their retirement plan. Fortunately, staging with a professional home stager has been proven to sell homes faster and for more money. Hiring a professional home stager will put your mind at ease that the home's features are being highlighted, each room has a clear function and design, and buyers will aspire to live there.Stress Factor #2: Disagreements between spousesarguing spousesAnother stressor that can occur when preparing your home for sale is disagreements between spouses about what needs to be done to the home. As professional home stagers we see quite often the tension between spouses surrounding what needs to be done to prepare the home for sale. One couple even went so far as saying that our home staging service saved their marriage because they no longer argued about what needed to be done, they just followed our suggestions! You can read more about this at on our previous blog post, How Home Staging Can Save Your Marriage.
Stress Factor #3: Disruption to normal routineWhen preparing your home for sale it may feel like your life is turned upside down as things are decluttered and the home is depersonalized. This upheaval can be very stressful. However, the faster the home sells the quicker you can go back to your normal day-to-day. We had a client who had a small child. After we staged her home she decided to spend the next few days in a hotel so that she could keep the home exactly as we set it up. Her home sold the first open house with multiple offers. She only had to have her home staged for a few days and then her home returned back to its former state. If she hadn't staged her home, she might have been on the market for months having to clean and tidy up for every showing.Stress Factor #4: Hiring service providersset of toolsWhen preparing your home for sale there are often some updates and renovations that need to be done. However, hiring service providers can be stressful. We have all heard horror stories of contractors being hired, taking money, and never showing up. As professional home stagers, we have a list of trusted service providers for every update and repair your home may need when preparing your home for sale. We know from experience that these service providers do an excellent job at a fair price. We will not recommend someone unless we are confident they will do a great job for our client.
Preparing your home for sale and moving are very stressful times. By hiring a professional home stager you vastly reduce the stress you may feel, and will give you peace of mind that your home is in the hands of professionals who know what buyers desire.For a helpful guide to keep you organized while preparing your home for sale, download our Moving Checklist.Click to DownloadCall us today at 781-489-8489 to schedule a free in-home consultation to learn how a professional home stager can reduce your stress, and make your home shine!