Home Stagers Define Spaces and Tell A Story

You are thinking about hiring professional home stagers to help you prepare your home for market. Congratulations! You are on the right track to getting your home sold quickly and for the most money. Most home sellers know that home stagers can help you declutter, depersonalize, deodorize and decorate your home, getting it ready for market. What most home sellers are not aware of is that your home stagers are telling a story. Home stagers help define the function of each room. Some houses have clearly defined spaces: family room, dining room, living room, kitchen. But some rooms are not as clearly defined.house exteriorWe were called for a consultation to a home in Newtonville, MA that was just such a case. This beautiful old Victorian had been divided into three multiple units, but then converted back into a single family home. With multiple entrances, multiple kitchens, and multiple bedrooms on each floor, the floorplan of this house would be very confusing to the potential buyer if left unstaged and empty. We walked through each room and came up with a story for this beautiful but unusual home, which included the potential for an au pair suite or guest suite on the third level. We knew that helping to define each room in this house would help the potential buyer envision how they could utilize all the spaces.I recently watched an episode of HGTV show on staging called, “Staged to Perfection” and noticed that the home stagers had a similar situation in a large house that had three small rooms linked together. The potential buyer would have to walk through two small rooms to get to another small room at the end. Left unstaged and unfurnished, it would be difficult for a buyer to imagine what they would use these connected spaces for. The home stagers in this episode imagined these spaces as a bedroom suite for young children with two twin beds and a play space.Often, it’s not an only an unusual floor plan that can throw off a potential buyer. Even an open concept floor plan, which is highly desirable, can leave buyers unable to visualize the space and how to use it. When furniture is placed and arranged for relaxing, entertaining, for family time or a dining area is created, the buyer can imagine how they could use the space. Home staging helps buyers imagine a way of life.

empty room 
after home staging 
 At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we do our research. Each time we plan to stage a home, we create an Assessment of the Buyer Demographic for that town. This helps us determine our audience. For example, we can better understand whether we should be staging to appeal to a family or to young professionals based on a town’s demographic statistics. When buyers can imagine living in a home, they begin to connect on an emotional level, that’s when strong offers are made.Let Professional Home Stagers tell a story in your home for sale. To learn more about hiring Professional Home Stagers see The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Home Staging Company.Click to DownloadContact Buyers Desire Home Staging for a complimentary consultation at 781-489-8489 or at info@buyersdesirestaging.com.SaveSave