Home Staging Addresses Common Mistakes Sellers Make!

Everyone wants to make the most amount possible from the sale of their home, however, many sellers make mistakes which prevent them from maximizing their profit. Below is an infographic from Active Rain that shows the biggest mistakes people make when selling their home. According to this graphic that was compiled from the data of 1000 real estate agents, half of these mistakes are issues that are addressed by home staging.MistakesClutter, Repairs, and Bad Smells:Most people realize that home staging addresses clutter issues, but they do not realize that at Buyers Desire Home Staging, we address unpleasant odors and repair issues as well. Naturally, buyers don't want to purchase a home with bad smells or in need of repair. We see – and smell – the issues that will hold buyers back, and advise our clients on correcting these issues before they list.repair-before-afterThe before and after photos above show a damaged hallway in need of repair. As part of home staging, we recommended the repair and chose colors for the walls and door.Appropriate List Price:Each home has a range of acceptable market value and your real estate agent will calculate this range based on the current real estate market. It is never a good idea to list your home higher than what your home is worth, but by staging you can list at the top end of the range. We found that 25% of our home staging clients in 2013 reported they were able to list at a higher price than they originally thought because they staged their home. Even with this increase in list price, on average, our clients received 99% sales to list price. Buyers will feel your home is overpriced if they can't see the value of home, which may be hiding behind clutter, forgotten repairs, and a stinky cat litter box. Stage your home before going on the market and buyers will see the true value of your home.To learn more about deodorizing your home, download our 5 Simple Solutions to Deodorize Your Home guide.Click to DownloadCall us at 781-489-8489 for a free home staging consultation and find how we can transform your home into one that buyers desire. SaveSave