Home Staging and Designer Décor

How to use Designer Décor Items along with Non-Designer Décor in Home StagingHave you thought about staging your home yourself? Have you considered whether you will be able to make all the purchases necessary to give the right impression? Can you afford to buy designer brands and do you know how to choose quality non-designer brands? Are you confident that you can put the right look together?bedroom with designer itemsAt Buyers Desire Home Staging, we have a large inventory of home décor items including art, bedding, pillows, and dinnerware. A large part of our inventory is from popular designer brands. You've heard the names Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tahari, Cynthia Rowley and Nicole Miller. Well, we've got them, and many more! We invest in quality staging inventory so we can design your home to look its best. Of course, we have items that aren't from famous designers, too. We choose these items for their beauty and quality. We love to mix them in our home staging designs for a beautiful, lush look.

You may ask, "What makes a designer item so great?" Well, that can be a matter of opinion, but there are some general principles that make designers stand out and become sought after:designer brands
  • Quality of materials
  • High level of workmanship
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Attention to detail
It is quite possible to find non-designer items that meet the same criteria. Just because a designer isn't famous, doesn't mean they aren't talented. We find lots of beautiful décor items by unknown designers and buy them for our home staging inventory.Take a throw pillow for example – a designer pillow will most likely be made from a natural fabric, such as silk, cotton or linen. It may be embellished with beads, appliqué, piping or embroidery. A designer pillow will most likely be stuffed with down or feathers, and probably has a zipper closure. You can look for these qualities in non-designer brands, to get a similar look while saving money. A pillow that is not a "designer" brand may be made from a man-made fabric, such as polyester. If it is embellished, it will be more likely have a designed screen printed on it. It will probably be stuffed with polyester fibers, and it will not have a zipper closure.similar designer and non-designer bowls and tablesYou can use non designer brands to get a designer look, and no one beats the home staging superstar, Sabrina Soto, at doing this. You can see her comparisons of designer brands to generic brands on her HGTV page for "The High Low Project".When designer items are mixed with other beautiful items, the entire look is uplifted. With persistence, you can find non-designer items that resemble their expensive counterparts. At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we specialize in staging with the right décor for your home – the décor that will appeal to your target buyer, and we set it up in the most effective way to show your home to its best advantage.
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