Home Staging is More Than Furniture Placement

Home Staging Shows Buyers a Lifestyle They Can Have if They Live in Your Homestaged table and chairWhen we stage homes, our objective is to make buyers become emotionally attached to the home. We want buyers to feel that their life will be improved if they purchase the home. The home staging plan is designed to tug at buyers emotions. We research the buyer demographic for the homes we stage to determine the most likely buyer. Then, we put ourselves in the potential buyer's shoes and design a home staging plan that will appeal to them.

Some people think that home staging is simple – clean it, declutter it, and sell it. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. We've met many people who have tried unsuccessfully to stage their own homes. The most common home staging mistake we see people make is removing too much, and showing only furniture placement. Many times, they stick to the furniture placement they are used to, which is not always the best furniture plan for the home. Sometimes real estate agents will try to stage a vacant home with rental furniture and miss the mark, too. Even if a real estate agent understands the best flow for the home, they don't have a large inventory of various styles of décor items to stage it properly. And, let's be honest, staging with a home owner's belongings only is not very effective.before and after stagingWhen we stage an occupied home, we design a plan that uses loads of our home staging décor inventory. When our décor items – pillows, artwork, plants, floral arrangements, bedspreads, accessories, etc – are mixed with older furniture, the home looks updated and fresh. Sometimes it is necessary for us to recommend the use of rental furniture in an occupied home, because the owner's furniture is not in line with the targeted buyer demographic. We only suggest rental furniture when we feel it is absolutely necessary. And, unlike other stagers, we do not mark up the furniture.Of course, we stage vacant homes as well as occupied homes. In these cases we suggest and chose the proper rental furniture, and we supplement that with small furniture pieces from our warehouse in order to keep our client's costs down. We use our home staging decor inventory to set the right tone to appeal to the most likely buyers touring the home.When we come up with a home staging design plan, we think not only about furniture placement, but the emotional response we want the buyer to have. That emotional response comes from the décor selection and the way we design it to fit the home.Our training in home staging not only helps us understand the best flow for the home, it also helps us "speak" to the target buyer so we show them a lifestyle they desire to live. That's what home staging comes down to – the portrayal of a lifestyle. Home staging is the most effective way to get a buyer to imagine themselves living in your home. When a buyer imagines living in your home, they become emotionally attached and make an offer. Home staging is a powerful marketing tool.Download our Are You Ready to List Your Home for Sale? to see if you are ready to go to market.Click to DownloadCall us for a free in home staging consultation at 781-489-8489. We'll be happy to meet with you to show you how we can help you.Save