Home Staging is Trendy Because It Works!

trendyStaging your home for sale may be trendy, but the statistics back up the results! Many buyers watch HGTV and expect to walk in to a beautifully staged home. With the rise in mortgage rates, buyers are trying to get as much home for their money as possible and home staging shows your home at its best. At Buyers Desire Home Staging, Inc., we research the buyer demographic to determine the most likely buyer for your home and stage to portray the lifestyle that buyer wants to live. When the buyer comes through your door, they will feel that your home is the one they’ve been searching for. When this happens, you will receive strong offers, perhaps even multiple offers.

The national statistics for staging show that staged home sell 73% faster than unstaged homes. Our latest statistics show that the homes we stage sold 76% faster than the homes we consulted on but the owners did not stage with us.

The latest real estate trend in Boston is the “move up buyer”. You can read about this type of buyer in an article by posted by Scott Van Voorhis at Boston.com. If you own your second or third home, it will most likely be a “move up buyer” that will be considering your home. Luxurious Master suite, walk-in closets, ample space and flex rooms will entice this buyer. Professional home staging will tip the scale in your favor against your competition by staging to this demographic.

You can find more information on Boston real estate trends on Trulia.com. In the national real estate market can be found in this blog from Joanney Cleaver found on Bob Vilas web site and on the National Association of Realtors site.

You pride yourself on being up-to-date with the latest in electronics, cars, and vacation spots, so why not be at the cutting edge when it comes to selling your home with staging? After all, your home is an investment, and don’t you deserve to earn as much as possible?

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