Home Staging Isn't Just for Vacant Homes

There are quite a few real estate agents and homeowners who are under the impression that home staging is only for vacant homes. While we stage vacant homes quite often, we want you to know that we also stage occupied homes. Most stagers usually specialize in either vacant homes or occupied homes – but we specialize in both! Stagers who focus on vacant homes usually don’t stage occupied homes because there is more risk to the décor items the stagers bring to the property when the homeowner still lives there. Other stagers (mostly hobbyist stagers) only stage occupied homes using the items the home owner already has because they don’t have an inventory of décor items. But this approach is more decluttering and organizing than staging.

vacant home stagingWe believe that all homes can benefit from some level of staging, and we firmly believe that homeowners can live comfortably in a staged home. We trust our clients to treat our décor items carefully and only display them for photos, open houses, and showings. This enables us to bring as many décor items as we would for a vacant home, which creates highly stylized properties.

Prior to staging, we create a Home Preparation for the homeowners to complete. This plan addresses items such as decluttering, depersonalizing, and deferred maintenance repairs. Once this itemized list is completed, we will stage the occupied home using décor items from our inventory which includes: art, soft goods, plants, accessories, and more along with the homeowner’s furniture and belongings.

It is amazing how great old furniture can look when the home is stylized. The addition of new pillows, artwork and décor items that are designed to best highlight the space will show the buyer how they can live in the home. Older homes get a “staging facelift”, and compete successfully against newer homes. Even newer occupied homes benefit from the refinement and uplift that staging provides. With the addition of fresh décor items, along with the editing of personal items and clutter, an occupied home will look as great as a builder’s model home. For a closer look at some examples of how we arrange décor items to make your home stand out, you can read our blog We Artfully Arrange It.

You can read more on our home staging services for occupied home at on our Services Page.