Home Staging Lessons from Hotel Impossible

Hotel ImpossibleOne of my favorite television shows is Hotel Impossible, which airs on the Travel channel and is currently in its fourth season. Each episode experienced hotelier, Anthony Melchiorri, visits a failing hotel and helps the owner identify and remedy their problems so they can become profitable. I've noticed that most of the common problems the hotel owners have that prevent their hotel from prospering are similar to the problems home owners have that prevent their home from selling.Below is a list of those common problems so you can avoid them and sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Lack luster exterior and lobbyEvery Hotel Impossible show, Anthony inspects the exterior and lobby of the hotel and stresses how important the first impression is to the guests. If the first impression of the hotel is dirty, outdated, or just boring, it colors the guests' opinions of everything else. The same thing is true when selling a home.Before listing your home for sale, go outside and assess your curb appeal. Does your home need power washed, repainted, or new door hardware? Potential buyers will make an assessment of whether they like your home or not within 15 seconds. It is crucial that you make their first impression a positive one.All of our staging packages include an assessment and recommendations of your curb appeal, so you can be sure buyers will have a great first impression.
cluttered porch 
tidy, welcoming porch with bench 
 Unimpressive hotel roomsMany times on Hotel Impossible, the hotel rooms are outdated and/or too neutral. Each episode, a well-known designer is hired to inexpensively redesign a room of the hotel, which is then used as a template to implement the design to the rest of the rooms. It is always important to keep the cost low when they design the room because the hotel owners are losing money and can't invest a large amount to update the rooms.This same concept is used in home staging. The goal of staging a home is to make it feel up-to-date and well-designed as inexpensively as possible. Paint, space planning, and fresh and colorful décor items are implemented to revitalize rooms without having to conduct costly renovations.
drab bedroom 
welcoming bedroom 
 Emotional connection pointsAnthony always wants to see something extra in the rooms that make the guests feel special. On a recent episode of Hotel Impossible, the hotel's name was The Fortune Hotel in Las Vegas. The designer, Casey Nobel, set up a tray on the bed of the hotel room with tea, flowers, and some fortune cookies. This extra amenity looked great and was a special touch the guests would remember.When we stage a home, we make sure to set up various emotional connection points that we call "mental move-in cues". These are little scenes that help the buyer imagine themselves living in the home, which helps them emotionally connect to the home and want to purchase it.
tray with drinks 
 Maintenance issuesOn most episodes of Hotel Impossible, Anthony usually finds maintenance issues with the hotels. As money dwindles, so does the ability for the hotel owners to keep up with repairs. However, this only further frustrates guests and lowers their rating of the hotel. Anthony always tells the owners to stay on top of their maintenance issues to give the guests a safe environment they can enjoy.A well maintained home is also important when putting your house on the market. Deferred maintenance will lower potential buyers' opinion of the home. It will also make them feel that bigger and more expensive problems exist because they will assume the home has not been well cared for. This may prevent them from making an offer, or if they do make an offer, it will give them negotiation power to reduce the sales price.Lack of cleanlinessThere is a segment of every Hotel Impossible show when Anthony goes into a room of the hotel and inspects it for cleanliness. More often than not, the failing hotels have a problem with dirty rooms. It is no surprise that guests write a poor review for a hotel when their sheets and comforters are stained and the room has a bad odor.When you are selling your home, it is crucial that it appear clean and fresh. Potential buyers will assume that if the home is clean the day they view it that it is always kept this clean. A clean house gives them the impression that they are buying a home that has been well cared for by the previous owner and there are no hidden dirt and grime they would have to deal with if they purchased the home.When we stage a home, we create a customized Home Preparation Plan detailing any decluttering and cleaning that should be done before listing the home for sale. This plan makes sure your home appears clean and well cared to ease buyers' minds.For tips on how to naturally deodorize your home, Download our 5 Simple Solutions to Deodorize Your Home to make sure your home smells fresh and clean.Click to DownloadOnce the hotel feels moderns, clean, and well maintained, the guests' perceived value of the hotel goes up, they rate the hotel highly, and the hotel prospers. Same thing happens when selling your home: the home appears modern, clean, and well maintained, potential buyers' perceived value of the home goes up and they are willing to make a strong offer, the current owner sells quickly and prospers.If you are listing your home for sale and need professional home staging advice, please call us at 781.489.8489 for a FREE home staging consultation.SaveSaveSaveSave