Home Staging May Mean Updating

Many times homeowners are looking for a larger house when they decide it is time to move and sell their current home. And, of course, they want beautiful finishes along with more living space. What homeowners sometimes forget is that buyers looking at their current home want the same thing! Therefore, the home they're leaving should look as great as possible so that it sells faster and for more money. When they think of the home as a "starter home" they are less likely to want to update it and invest any money into it. But these buyers who are looking for a "starter home" don't have the time or interest to make major renovations.

We realize that it is hard to justify spending money on the home you are leaving. However, your home is now a commodity to be used as a stepping stone to get into your new home. We understand that you have emotional attachments to your home. We also know that you need to move on. Maybe your family has grown. Maybe your child is school age and you feel that they would prosper in a different school system. You have your reasons to sell.

If you can detach yourself from your home and look at is a commodity, you will understand that updating your home will lead to finding a buyer who will pay top dollar. It may be a first time homebuyer, but it may be a couple who have lived in a nice home, but wants to downsize. When it is time to sell, you should invest a relatively small amount in the look of your home to reap a favorable return, so you can move on.

Home staging addresses many issues that buyers will see as obstacles from making an offer. It also addresses issues that don't cost money, such as furniture placement and decluttering. Sometimes it requires simple fixes that cost a small amount of money such as painting or new lighting fixtures. However, there are cases when preparing your home for sale requires a larger investment. Those old Formica countertops may need to be replaced with granite, or old kitchen appliances should be changed out for stainless steel. Professional home stagers know when to recommend these updates, and when to "stage around them". Consult with a professional home stager to learn what is best for your home's individual needs.

We recently staged a home in the Boston area that needed more than just staging to get it sold. You will see in the photos below that the old counters were switched out for granite, and the old oak cabinets were painted a neutral taupe, and fresh brushed nickel handles were added. The homeowner didn't want to buy new appliances. But now, when a buyer walks in, they see a fresh kitchen, and only have to replace appliances when they are ready. They do not have to do a kitchen renovation.

Upgrade BeforeUpgrade After


Above all, think of you home as a commodity. Would you want it if you were seeing it for the first time? Would you want it if your children were grown and it was time to downsize? If you are willing to invest a small amount, you will attract the right buyer and get the maximum price for your home. Consult us to learn what the best updates are for your home – or if they are needed at all.