Home Staging on a Budget

Budget Friendly Home Staging Ideas for Maximum Impact!

Home staging doesn't have to be expensive. If you are on a budget, there are things you can do to dramatically improve the look of your home without breaking the bank. In this blog we will look how home staging on a budget can transform a living room on a $20 budget, $100 budget, $200 budget, or $300 budget.Below is a picture I took straight from an MLS listing in Marlborough, MA. The listing price of the home is $249,900. With such a low price point, many sellers and agents might say it isn't worth investing in home staging. This is an unfortunate assumption because improving the look of the home could help the home sell at asking price or over, instead of having to take a price reduction and sell for much less than asking. Home staging can help any home at any price point.Let's imagine that you are planning on putting your home on the market and you are unfortunately under water in your home and need to sell. This is a situation where it might not make sense to spend a lot of money on home staging. However, that doesn't mean you should just list your home as is without any thought into how it is being presented. Making even minor adjustments can dramatically improve the look of the home, which you will see with the follow home staging on a budget solutions.The first step is to take a picture of your space. Seeing the space in picture form allows you to view it more objectively. It also gives you a glimpse of what potential buyers would see as an online representation of your home in the MLS photos.beforeRight away from this picture you can see the room looks very dark and unwelcoming. This is the biggest issue of concern, but luckily it can be fixed pretty easily, even when home staging on a budget.

No cost/ $20 Solution: Lighten Up!

To immediately transform the room the curtain panels must be opened, which will instantly let natural light in. This is the simplest home staging on a budget trick of all – just let in the light! Buyers love to see brightly lit rooms so wash your windows as well to let as much light in as possible. If you have a privacy or view issues, letting the light in is better than closing the curtains completely. However, if you can, change the curtain panels out for inexpensive white sheers that let light in but block the view. You can find panels for $5 at Christmas Tree Shop.The next thing to do is to remove the floral patterned pillows and blue throw from the sofas. If you have at least $20 to invest in home staging, purchase a 4 ft. floor plant and place it by the fireplace to brighten it up and add life to the space. You can purchase good looking floor plants at Lowes or Ikea. If you don't have a green thumb, try to keep the plant alive just long enough to sell the home. A fake plant is another great solution, but will cost about twice the price.$20 solutionWith the curtain panels opened the room now feels much brighter and more welcoming. If you have to stop here that is okay, however, if you aren't under water with your home and have a bit more to spend, the room can be improved from here.

$100 Solution: Modernize

Because the sofas are overstuffed dark leather, they feel heavy and overly masculine. Since we are home staging on a budget it would be too expensive in this case to remove the furniture and rent new lighter colored sofas. Therefore, the easiest thing to do would be to remove the black curtains for bright and modern curtain panels. You can find inexpensive curtain panels at Target for about $20/panel. It is also beneficial to raise the rods up about 6 inches above the top of the window molding. This instantly adds height and drama to the space.$100 solutionThis room now feels a lot brighter as well as updated and the balance of masculine and feminine is better. However, the sofas still feel like black holes in the room, the picture on the wall feels outdated and the coffee table is lacking. If you have a bit more to spend it would be ideal to add some décor items.

$200 Solution: Add Décor

While most people think to go to Home Goods when looking for décor, if you are home staging on a budget a great place to start looking is at Burlington Coat Factory. They have a large selection of décor that is often priced less than Home Goods!To break up the sofas, purchase some bright pillows that coordinate with the curtain panels. You should purchase two per sofa and one for the chair. These can be purchased for about $10/pillow at Burlington Coat Factory. The new artwork is better than what was originally there because it larger in scale and the white mat and light colored frame adds additional light to the space. Lastly, a fake orchid for the coffee table can be purchased for around $12 and adds some much needed interest.$200 solutionThe room looks great now and it would be okay to stop here. However, if you had a bit more to spend the room could truly be transformed.

$300 Solution: Address the Floor and Ceiling

People often forget about the ceiling and the floor when decorating a room, but they are just as important to the overall look of the space. While it is a good idea to show off the hardwood floors since they are a great selling feature, this space would look much better and brighter with an ivory colored rug to reflect more light and ground the seating area. Again, a great place to look for a rug is at Burlington Coat Factory. A 5'x7' rug can be purchased for around $80, which is a great deal, especially when home staging on a budget.Replacing the light fixture with a modern semi-flush light fixture in brushed nickel would elevate the space but would cost about $120 more for the fixture and labor to install it. The most inexpensive solution would be to remove the fan blade and spray paint them in an espresso color. This would instantly update the light fixture and the entire room.$300 solutionThere you have it - a completely transformed living room for only $300. This living room would look great in the MLS photos and in person, which is a winning combination to sell your home quickly and for more money!Remember, the money you put into home staging is an investment, not an expense. To find out what you could save/make from home staging, download our Savings by Staging guide.Click to DownloadIf you are home staging on a budget but need some help just let us know. We offer three home staging packages to accommodate every budget and need. Call us today at 781-489-8489.Save