Home Staging Photos That Sell

This Spring market is hot and properties are flying of the market. However, we have been getting a lot of calls lately from frustrated home owners who have been on the market for a few weeks and their home hasn't received the interest they anticipated. What makes it worse is they see other properties going on the market around them and selling within a week. When we take a look at their listing online it becomes clear that they don't have enticing MLS photos, which is crucial for attracting potential buyers to your home.

Over 95% of people are searching online for properties now when they are looking to buy a home. The first five to seven days are when your home will receive the most online interest. When searching online, buyers will enter the price range and number of bedrooms and bathrooms they are looking for. When they see your listing online your home already fits into a certain criteria they are looking for. People are very busy and don't want to waste their time visiting a home they don't think they will like. Therefore it is all about the pictures at this point to entice them to visit your home in person. Home staging will create a buzz around your home and put it on people's "must see" list.

Below are MLS photos comparing two townhouses in the same complex with the same square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you were a potential home buyer and you saw these two condos, which one would you choose to go see in person?

Spring Market 1Spring Market 2

Spring Market 3Spring Market 4

Spring Market 5Spring Market 6

The home on the left was staged by us and was listed on Friday, April 5th. Five days later, the home is already pending with an accepted offer. The home on the right was not staged and has been on the market for 78 days. The final kicker – the staged house was listed for $319,000 and the unstaged house was listed for $295,000. The staged unit was chosen over the unstaged unit and the buyer was willing to pay $24,000 more for it!

If you are thinking about listing your home, Contact Us to stage your home, and go on the market strong. However, if you have already listed your home and it hasn’t received any offers, staging now may prevent you from having to make a price reduction. Either way, staging will entice potential buyers viewing homes online to be excited to visit your home in person, fall in love, and make an offer!