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Curb appeal is very important when it comes to selling your home. Buyers make up their mind about whether or not they are interested in the home within six seconds of viewing it. Since the outside is the first thing they see, the curb appeal needs to make a great first impression. Buyers will also reinforce their initial opinion of the home, so if they have a first impression that the home is beautiful, they will find things inside to reinforce this. If they have a bad first impression, they will be looking for other flaws to reinforce this instead.

A great way to quickly update the curb appeal is to replace old, tarnished, house numbers with updated new ones, such as these cost effective ones from Lowes that sell for about $4 a number.


For more of a wow factor, you can purchase these back lit numbers from Luxello for $57 a number. While these are significantly more expensive, they will instantly add curb appeal. Additionally, the numbers will be easily viewed from the street. We all know how frustrating it is to try to find house numbers, especially at night, and these make it very simple. Keep in mind that while these are dramatic, they may not fit with the style of your home since they are very modern.


Updating your curb appeal doesn't have to cost a lot. We were at an initial consultation this week and the husband was very concerned about the curb appeal of his home in Natick, MA. There was a fence out front that needed to be painted, but the quote from the painter was $800 and it couldn't be completed until all the snow was gone. They wanted to list as soon as possible and you can't predict New England weather, so painting the fence isn't realistic this time of year.

Here is a before picture of the home. For under $50 for a can of paint and about 2 hours of time, the most dramatic change they could make is painting the door red. You can see from the PhotoShop® generated after photo that this change makes more of an impact than painting the fence white – and is significantly less expensive.

before doorafter door


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