Home Staging Props that Sell

Newspapers, eye glasses, sewing machine, and a French press...
You may think that these things don't have much in common, but they are all fantastic props for home staging that create an emotional response within potential buyers. Which of these items we use (and the many other items from our inventory) all depends on who the most likely buyer is for the home. When we prepare to stage a home, we research the demographic of the area to determine the most likely buyer of the home. Home staging works best when it is targeted to the correct buyer, not staged for the masses.

A one bedroom condo in Brookline was the perfect place for a young professional. We staged the bed with a tray holding two coffee cups, French press, newspaper and a gourmet cookie. The bright bed spread, graphic art and pillows continue the young, fresh appeal.

Homestagine Props

A five bedroom home in Needham already had an office, and the buyer demographic showed most families only had two children - so turning one of those extra bedrooms into a craft room made an unnecessary bedroom into an added bonus.

Homestaging Props

We recently staged a three bedroom condo in Medford. When we researched the buyer demographic we learned that the most likely buyer for this condo would be a younger family or older couple looking to downsize. The building had an older aesthetic and most of the homeowners in the large building were elderly, so we showed the home as if a more mature person lived there. When staging one of the smaller bedrooms with a twin bed, we put small suitcases in the room, to imply this may be a visiting grandchild. We also staged the third bedroom as an office with an open book on the desk and reading glasses on the open book. A young family could still see that this would be a good family home, but it also gave the subtle message that a downsizing couple could move in as well.

Homestaging Props

These "mental move in cues" are an important part of our home staging design plan. Every detail is thought out from the eyes of the buyer we have predetermined as the most likely candidate for the home. Of course, home staging is about making a home look beautiful, but to us, home staging goes deeper than that. We work to ensure the home captures the heart of the right buyer and compels them to make an offer.

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