Home Staging Success Story: Natick MA

home staging success story Read the success story below to find out how some renovations and home staging lead to 3 offers and selling $25,000 over asking price!

The Consultation:In July of this year we were called in to for a free home staging consultation. The home owners had found and purchased their dream home – literally right around the corner from their current home! They needed to sell their home as soon as possible to minimize the time paying for two mortgages and carrying costs. They found our website through Google and knew that home staging would give them the best chance of selling their home as fast as possible. We scheduled a time to meet with them that same week.house exteriorThe HomeThe 1900 square foot, 3 bedroom and 1 ½ bath Colonial home was in a desirable neighborhood in Natick, MA on a corner lot. When we pulled up we were encouraged to see that the home had great curb appeal already. As we arrived we were welcomed by the home owner and her mother (a retired interior designer). The home was well maintained but did need some renovation to appeal to buyers.
Home PreparationThe home owner was moving to their new home but was able to leave behind many furniture pieces. We supplemented their furniture with a few key pieces from the furniture rental company. The most critical renovations were identified and addressed and painting was executed. Once the home was complete and thoroughly cleaned we were ready to stage the home.Assessment of Buyer DemographicWe analyzed the demographics of Natick residents and found that they are mostly Caucasian, well educated, and middle to high class citizens. We also learned that 65% of homes contain children and the schools are rated highly. We then looked at the home itself and the neighborhood. All of this data lead us to believe that the most likely buyer for the home would be a married couple in their late thirties to late forties with 1-2 children. With this conclusion we knew we had to show a fun home that would function well for a family.KitchenThe kitchen was identified as the biggest potential hesitation for buyers. It was small and had laminate countertops and a dark brick backsplash. We advised the home owner to paint the backsplash white to help increase the sense of space, and replace the countertops with granite. We helped her choose the granite and paint colors, and put her in touch with our recommended service providers who we know do a great job at a fair price.after home staging  before home staging
Kitchen Eating AreaThe side entrance lead into the kitchen eating area. The walls were covered in knotty pine – not very desirable! We recommended the homeowner remove the paneling and put up drywall. However, when a quote was received for the work it was beyond what the home owner was willing to invest so we had to make the best of it. We added a bench and pillows for a welcoming place to take your shoes off as you enter the home. We accented the room with bright accessories in warm tones. In the end the room felt sunny and welcoming and a great place to enjoy family breakfasts.after home staging  before home staging
The BathroomThe only full bathroom in the home felt lackluster with an outdated wall paper border and mismatched shower curtain. We advised the home owner to remove the wall paper and we chose a paint color in a soft blue. This allowed the white tiling to stand out and added a modern feeling to the bathroom. With home staging, we added fresh white towels, modern shower curtain, and some art and accessories to tie it all together.after home staging  before home staging
The Master BedroomThe Master Bedroom just needed a bit of polishing to show it off. We chose a calming gray/green wall color and advised the home owner to remove the window treatments and electronics. With home staging, the room became a serene and peaceful place to rest every night.after home staging  before home staging
The Childrens' RoomsBoth children's rooms needed depersonalizing and painting. We chose a gray color that works as a neutral backdrop for any color scheme and room design so that buyers can move right in and use the rooms however they please. The top bunks in each room were removed to add more visual space and window treatments were removed to allow more natural light to come in. With home staging we showed each room as a functional and fun child's room.after home staging  before home staging
after home staging  before home staging
The OfficeThe office room was a great bonus to the home but didn't have a clear function. We added a console and desk to define the room as an office. With home staging, we added art and accessories to make the room interesting and enhance the look.after home staging  before home staging
The Result: A Team ApproachIt is our philosophy that home staging is successful when the home owner, Realtor, and home stager act as a team - read our blog post Team Approach to Home Staging for more information. The home owner invested the money and time to hire the people necessary to update the home. We planned and executed the home staging that showed off the home and all its great features. Lastly, the Realtor, Lauri Ryding of Coldwell Banker, marketed the home and ensured a smooth negotiation.The home owner reported that the open house was packed and after the first open house, three offers were made and the home owners accepted the highest offer - $25,000 over asking price!If you'd like to know how much you could potentially make/save by home staging, download our Savings by Staging Guide.Click to DownloadInterested in having your home staged? Call us at 781-489-8489 and we can answer any questions you may have.SaveSave