Home Staging Wins Over Cautious Buyers

The real estate market overall slowed down dramatically from previous months. House prices dropped, time on market increased, and the number of houses selling over asking price was the lowest it has been in seven months. Oddly, the number of buyers touring homes has actually increased. So what does this mean? It seems that with the global threats of terrorism and fluctuations in the stock market, there has been a shift in mindset for buyers and they are more patient and cautious to make an offer than they were before.If buyers have become more patient, then you as a seller must become more patient as well. It appears as if buyers are hesitating before making an offer, however, this doesn't mean that they won't. We actually had one home staging client who didn't receive any offers, and then two months after listing received two in one weekend! Sellers are getting anxious because their home isn't selling as quickly as the trend was in recent months and are quick to price reduce. However, patience may be all that is needed.

living room before home staging
living room after home staging
No matter what the market is doing, home staging will always sell your home faster and for more money than an unstaged home. Home staging makes the home look great online, enticing potential buyers to the open house. When the open house is packed, buyers become competitive. When they feel they may lose the house to another buyer, they become less patient and cautious and more likely to make an offer. Yes it may take a bit longer than it would have in the spring market, but it will still happen.Although Boston is still in a seller's market and buyer demand is high, the supply from August has drastically increased. This means home prices must be lowered to compete with the influx of so many other homes. However, by home staging, your home will appear more desirable than a comparable unstaged home and sell faster than it would have if it wasn't staged.For more information on current market trends, read Redfin's Report: Newly Listed Homes Fall an Unexpected 9.3% in AugustFor more information on home staging, download our guide, What Buyers Desire.Click to DownloadCall us for a FREE home staging consultation at 781-489-8489 or at info@buyersdesirestaging.comSaveSaveSaveSave