How Home Staging Can Save Your Marriage



Her: "I think we need pink pillows!"
Him: "I think we don't need pillows at all!"

Selling your home is a stressful time and stress usually makes people more irritable and prone to arguments. Hiring a home stager can reduce any tension and fights you might have with your spouse. By having a neutral party evaluate and make suggestions about your home you will reduce time, stress, and arguing, and expedite the selling process. Since someone with staging experience will tell you what is best, you won’t have to have any type of discussion about who is right – you or your spouse.

“I was only half joking when I would tell people that Linda and Tiffany saved our marriage. Decluttering a house that has raised a family for 37 years is quite a project. Having a "neutral" party tell us what had to go and what could stay, room by room, meant no fights about that metal bookcase or beloved farmer's bench. We just followed the punch list, got beautifully staged, and, incidentally, really enjoyed them as PEOPLE.”
Kate C., Marshfield, MA

For the couple quoted above, we gave them a 13 page “Home Preparation Plan” which included an 8 page room-by-room check list of items to remove, move to another location, or declutter. Their home was filled with memorabilia of nearly four decades, and every item had a story. It was quite an undertaking to sort through it, and the homeowners had differing opinions. We also gave them a ‘Moving Checklist” which outlines the tasks you should complete on a weekly basis from one month before your move, right up to moving day. These two items, the Home Preparation Plan and the Moving Check List were essential to a smooth transition from letting go of their beloved family home into a new, smaller home in another state. They kept the couple focused on the goal at hand, and helped avoid arguments, because we, as the professional home stagers and neutral party, made the decisions for them.


Feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming move? You can download the Moving Checklist here.

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