How Home Staging is Like Online Dating

Part One: Attractive and Accurate RepresentationHappy woman using a computerThere are many similarities between home staging and online dating. Your online presence in both cases needs to attract attention from people searching, and your first meeting determines whether a second date or second showing/offer is made. In today's post we will look at how attractive and accurate representation online is key to pique interest and anticipation for the first meeting.In both home staging and online dating, appearance is the first thing people will notice. The appearance of the home is the trigger that gets the buyer to read the MLS listing. This is why we believe so strongly in home staging. A staged home looks better in online photos, has a busier first open house, and sells faster and for more money than an unstaged home.In both cases, selling your home and online dating, pictures should be accurate, but look great. It's not a good idea to show the home vacant as these photos look boring online. You also wouldn't want photos of a messy home or a home crowded with furniture. This is why home staging is so important. We stage homes so they look beautiful online, which attracts buyers to the home. Just as in online dating, you may dress in nice clothing and have a friend take photos of you for your profile so the photos you post are current and look nice. You wouldn't want a photo of yourself in a crowd of people, because it would be confusing, or dressed in sweats taking out the trash, because you would not look your room after home stagingWhen a person is searching online for a home or a partner, they have a certain basic criteria they want to meet. In a home it's generally location, number of bedrooms, and certain specific amenities, such as a pool or fireplace. With dating, it's often location (i.e. proximity to the person searching,) age, and certain specific attributes, such as height and weight, or smoker/non-smoker. These statistics need to be accurate – don't call a room a bedroom when it doesn't have a closet, and don't say you're thin when you're not. Just because your brother-in-law sleeps on an air mattress in the office once in a while, doesn't make it a bedroom. And just because I used to be thin, doesn't mean I am thin now (but oh, how I wish I was!)It's best not to misrepresent yourself or your home. When buyers are looking forward to seeing your home, their hopes are up. They've seen the photos, they've read the stats, and they've determined your home meets the criteria they are looking for. They've probably done some research; found out the local school ratings or investigated the restaurants or public transportation in the area. This is the online dating equivalent of seeing someone's photo, reading their profile, and exchanging some emails to determine if there might be a reason to actually meet. Ensuring your online MLS or dating profile is accurate prevents any uncomfortable feelings when the first meeting occurs.People need to be interested online first before they will visit a home in person. Having beautiful photos of the home and accurate information will set you up for a great open house packed with interested buyers. Look out for part two of How Home Staging is like Online Dating to learn why putting your best face forward for the first meeting is key to a lasting connection – with hopefully multiple offers!Download our Savings by Staging guide to learn how much you could save by investing in home staging.Click to DownloadCall us for a FREE in-home home staging consultation at 781-489-8489 to learn how we can help you.Save