How Home Staging is Like Online Dating (Part Two)

Part Two: Putting Your Best Face Forwardhow home staging is like online datingIn our last post, How Home Staging is Like Online Dating: Part One, we discussed why it is important to have an attractive and accurate profile to gain interest from people searching online. Once you have gained interest, and the first meeting is set, you must put your best face forward to create a great first impression.After a decision to see the home is made, the buyer will probably reread the listing and look at the photos again, just as you would if you were planning to meet someone from an online dating site for the first time. In both cases, anticipation is building. In preparation for your date, you will most likely shower and dress well. You may even have a haircut and buy some new clothing. This is the equivalent of what professional home staging does for your home. It's not lying to be clean and nicely dressed, and the same goes for your home.We also advise the homeowner to make repairs when needed, not cover things up. Home staging is not about hiding problems, it is about fixing them. Home staging is all about showing the home at its best and playing up the positives. Just like when preparing for a date you play up your best physical features. Professional home staging highlights the positives of the home with design techniques so buyers eyes' are drawn to all the great attributes of the home.Finally the big day comes – you have a "date" to see the home. As you arrive at the home, you ask yourself, "Could I live here? Could this be a match?" When you enter the front door, you immediately ask the same question. If you enter the home to find that it is vacant, after seeing photos of a comfortably furnished home online, you will most likely feel misled. You may wonder what else the homeowner is being deceitful about or you may even feel angry. (Read our blog post, Why Virtual Home Staging Doesn't Work, for more information.) This is the same reason you should have up-to-date photos and tell the truth in your online dating profile. If you post photos of yourself from "10 years and 20 pounds" ago, your potential match will feel deceived when you finally meet, instead of hopeful and filled with anticipation.As you tour the home, you are looking for a level of comfort and style that is better than you have currently. If the home has been staged by a home staging professional, it will feel warm and inviting to the right buyer. At Buyers Desire Home Staging, we always research the buyer demographic to be sure we are staging the home to appeal to the right buyer, and then employ home staging techniques that evoke positive emotions from that specific buyer. We want the buyer to feel comfortable while feeling their life will be improved when they own the home.So give the buyer a reason to stay long enough to fall in love with your home. Home staging will show your home in its best possible light, so it might even be love at first sight!

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