How Houzz is Affecting the Real Estate Market

houzzSince its start in 2009, Houzz now has over two million photos from interior designers, contractors, and architects. It is used for interior design inspiration and for connecting home owners to local professionals. Houzz is very popular and many people have browsed Houzz in some capacity, whether it be for fun, inspiration, or to find a reputable design professional in their area. However, with Houzz's growing popularity, people are gaining an unrealistic expectation on how their home is supposed to look.When you enter a search field into Houzz, such as living room, the first 50+ pages show living rooms in multi-million dollar homes designed by the top designers in the industry. The median home value in Massachusetts is $340,000 – a far cry from the homes featured on Houzz. We don't all have two story windows with views of the beach, coffered ceilings, and a massive fireplace - yet it seems like this is how most people live from the amount of images shown on Houzz.

"The houses I see on Houzz are so well designed it feels like the way I live is wrong.I feel like my house isn't good enough."- Aimee B.Redesign client of Buyers Desire Home Staging

When people feel that they aren't "keeping up with the Joneses" they start feeling that what they have is insufficient and seek to remedy the problem. It wasn't necessary to stage your home 10 years ago because people had more realistic expectations of what the average home looked like inside. Before the internet and sites like Houzz, the most common way to see designer rooms were in a design magazine, but not everyone had subscriptions. Now it is free to search Houzz and literally see millions of designer rooms.

"Houzz changed my expectation when I was house hunting because it gives the impression that elaborately designed houses are the norm. I was surprised that houses were so outdated and uninspired for how much the owner was asking."- Aimee B.

living roomThis is why it is so crucial to stage your home when selling. Today's buyers want it all when it comes to a home and they want it immediately. This means when selling, you have to provide them with that image. You have to portray a lifestyle that they expect and are trying to attain.The good news is that by hiring a professional home staging company, you can deliver a home that will meet buyers' expectations for much less money than hiring an interior designer. The right coordinating art, pillows, and accessories can quickly and inexpensively turn a lackluster room into one that looks like it could be featured in Houzz. To find out more about what buyers are expecting when house hunting, download our What Buyers Desire guide to be sure you go on the market strong.Click to DownloadCall us at 781-489-8489 for a free home staging consultation and find how we can transform your home into one that buyers desire. SaveSaveSave