How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Learn the Right Questions to Ask a Prospective Realtor

shaking handsSpring market is coming. There are lots of things you can be doing to prepare your home for market – which you can find in our recent post Prepare Now for Home Staging in the Spring Market. However, there is one important factor you may not have yet considered. Do you have a Realtor®? Don't wait until the last minute to choose the person who will be representing your largest investment. Start interviewing Realtors now. Read on to learn how to choose a Realtor. has a very informative article on this topic called, How to Choose Your Listing Agent. In the article it gives a list of important questions you should ask your prospective Realtor. The full article has many great points to consider.

Knowing how to choose a Realtor requires asking the right questions.

Here are a few questions that we believe will help you choose the right Realtor.Will your Realtor hold a broker open house?A broker open house is when brokers and agents will tour your home when it first goes on the market, before the public open house. This increases the chance you will find the right buyer. As agents see your home, they may think of a buyer client they want to bring back to the house. A dynamic Realtor, home staging and professional photography got lots of buyers to this home, and it sold shortly after roomWill your agent contribute to a portion of the home stagingMost agents realize that home staging helps sell homes faster and for more money. Therefore, they will contribute towards the cost. Many will reimburse the agreed upon portion at closing, instead of contributing up-front. Does your agent use a professional photographer?This can have a big impact on the attention your home will receive online. Most Realtors know that professional photos make a home look even more appealing online, so they will hire a professional photographer. How experienced is the agent?Many people think that only an agent with many years of experience can be trusted to sell their home. While we agree – in theory – there are some important things to consider about a younger agent:
  • All newer agents we have encountered have a mentor: an experienced agent in their firm who takes the new agent under their wing and guides them through all aspects of the process. If this agent is new to real estate, ask if they have a mentor. How involved will the mentor be? Will the mentor assist with pricing and marketing of your home?
  • Most younger agents may be more well versed in the use of social media and will use it to market your property. Does this potential agent use social media to promote their listings?
Knowing how to choose a Realtor to sell your home may sound overwhelming but if you read the article from and keep the questions we propose in mind, you should be well on your way to making an educated decision.staged office  before
The home pictured above had a lackluster room that was turned into a great home office by staging. This home sold with multiple offers at the first open house.For more information on how to choose a Realtor, read our blog Three Keys to Selling Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar.If you need additional help on how to choose a Realtor, give us a call. We can recommend many excellent Realtors in the Metro West area.Selling your home requires having the right team and is more than just knowing how to choose a Realtor. For a free guide titled 10 Most Important Questions to Ask a Home Staging Company, click the button below.Click to DownloadCall us for a FREE in-home consultation at 781-489-8489 to learn how we can help you make the most of your home, and stand out in a busy spring market.SaveSaveSave