How to Comfortably Live in a Staged Home

Living in a staged home can sometimes feel like you are residing in a museum where nothing can be touched. We understand that the process of selling your home is stressful already and don’t want you to be uncomfortable in your staged home while it is on the market. Luckily, by hiring a professional home stager and keeping up the image created, your home should sell quickly.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure your home looks great for all open houses and showings, while still being able to feel at ease while you live in your home.

  1. Take pictures the day your home is staged on your phone or digital camera so you can refer to them to recreate the look. A lot of the visual impact comes from how the items are displayed and arranged and have been expertly placed, so make sure to take up close pictures of groupings to ensure everything is put in the right place, as well as full room pictures.
  2. Get the whole family involved by assigning certain rooms to each family member. It may be helpful to print out a picture of the staged rooms and write out step by step instructions of what to do to make the room look like the staged picture.
  3. Lastly, keep up with the daily cleaning of the home. This will ensure that when an impromptu showing occurs you will be able to quickly get the home show ready. It may be helpful to make a daily checklist of chores to keep it from feeling overwhelming, and again assign different chores to each family member.

While it may not be an ideal way to live, you have made the smart decision to stage your home and soon your efforts will be rewarded with a sale!

Fox News recently released an article called Staging Your Home While You Live There, giving some more tips on how to live in your home while it is staged and gives some great general staging advice.

Have you ever lived in a staged home? If so, did you find it difficult? Do you have any other ideas that would help make living in a staged home easier?