How to Home Stage Your Great Room

Learn how to Home Stage Your Great Room and Make it Look Truly Great When Selling Your Home

Home staging is an important piece of the marketing puzzle when selling your home. Your home has to look inviting and relatable in order to entice buyers to make an offer. If you can show buyers a beautiful lifestyle they aspire to, they are more likely to make an offer.If your home has a great room, a very desirable feature, you need to make it stand out by showing off its functionality and style in order to connect with buyers. Here are some tips for how to home stage a great room – to make it look truly great!

Clearly define each "zone":Ensure that the different functions of the room each have a designated area. Do not let them overlap into each other because this can create some confusion for buyers. Defining each zone is critical when home staging a great room.

Declutter each space:Remove everything that doesn't add to the presentation of the room. Buyers want to see the function of the room without your clutter distracting them.

Create attractive storage solutions:If you have a zone designated for children to play, and it is not practical to take the toys away while your home is on the market, keep the toys to a bare minimum when home staging a great room. benchIf you can purchase good looking storage to keep toys organized and hidden away, even better. However, please do not buy plastic bins. They just look messy and announce to the buyers that you do not have enough storage. A storage bench like this one from One Kings Lane is an example of a beautiful storage solution. If your children "need" more toys to play with than fit in your storage bench, keep a plastic tub of toys in the garage, attic, or closet that you can switch out once a week or so to keep them from being bored. When you rotate toys, children generally tend to be excited when the toys that were stored away come back.

Highlight the entertainment area:Most great rooms have an entertainment area. When home staging a great room, be sure it isn't cluttered by toys, laptops or evidence of eating meals in front of the TV. The entertainment area should be for entertainment only. Many of us use our laptops in front of the TV, but if a laptop is left out, a buyer will feel that there is no space for an office in the home. If a TV tray-table is out, or dishes are left on the coffee table, a buyer may feel that the home doesn't offer a practical dining solution.

Add colorful accents:If the accent pillows on your sectional or sofa are tired, invest in new ones. A key factor in home staging a great room is to choose colors that add interest. Repeat colors that you have accented throughout your home or choose a contrasting color if your home is relatively neutral. Be sure the color is not the same color as your sofa or sectional. The pillows should add a pop of color, not blend in.

staged living room


Show a casual eating space:

casual eating space

If your home has a dining area in its great room, as many homes do, be sure it does not compete with your formal dining room, if you have one. The dining area in your great room should feel casual and relaxed. If you set the table, it should not be heavily done – no tapered candles, no overly large centerpieces, and no fancy chandeliers! Leave those items for the formal dining room. If this is the only dining area in your home, you can "up" the style in your great room dining area, but don't make it too fancy as it will feel out of place.

If you have a breakfast bar in your great room, this is a great place to add some color! You can pick up the color from the accent pillows on the sofa and find cloth napkins in that color and add them to a light place setting. When we say light place setting, we mean use placemats instead of chargers, and consider using coffee cups instead of stemmed glassware. The breakfast bar will show as a cozy place to enjoy morning coffee.

Knowing how to home stage a great room and and taking the time to go through these steps will ensure that your great room shows as a truly great room!You may want to download our Moving Check List to help you plan your move.Click to DownloadIf you'd like to schedule a free home staging consultation, call us at 781-489-8489 to learn how to home stage your home to entice buyers to make offers.          SaveSave