How to Incorporate Popular Design Trends When Staging Your Home for Sale

A few weeks ago Styles Staged and Sold posted a blog 5 Design Trends You May Want to Avoid in Staging. In the post, they explained about how incorporating the latest design trends when staging your home for sale may backfire. While it is important to look modern and up-to-date when staging your home for sale, the goal is to keep the home itself as neutral as possible, and add excitement and drama with the furnishings and décor items. By doing so, the buyer can come into the home and implement their own personal style into the home without conducting renovations.The post discussed five design trends that they said home stagers should avoid. Below we will discuss our own thoughts on these trends and whether or not we recommend implementing them when staging your home for sale.

  1. WallpaperAlthough wallpaper is making a design comeback, the patterns of today’s wallpapers are much more graphic than what you may see in your grandmother’s house. Even if the wallpaper is in a modern pattern, buyers still don’t want to deal with the removal. Therefore, we would recommend staying away from putting up any wallpaper when preparing you home for sale and stick with a fresh coat of neutral paint.
  2. Bright-colored wallsWe strongly believe that boring shades of beige are out and should not be used when staging you home for sale. However, we don’t recommend painting rooms bright colors either because they are too taste specific. Painting your home in soft gray tones is the perfect neutral background to pop any popular color of the moment. You can see in photo below, the outdated yellow/brown color was painted over with a soft gray blue. Then, we added interest with pops of turquoise throughout the home to add appeal and unify the different room before and after home staging
  3. Brass fixturesShiny brass light fixtures still date a home and should be changed out for fixtures with satin nickel or bronze finishes. However, brass can be incorporated in other ways, such as with accessories and other décor items. We would recommend adding accent pieces in this popular metal, but only in moderation. Also, be aware that overly ornate brass accessories will appear outdated. Brass paired with mid-century modern styled décor is what is currently trending, such as these three examples from West Elm.brass accessories
  4. Doorless cabinetsThis look may be popular but it isn’t very practical. Stick with cabinets with doors to avoid any potential buyers wondering where they are going to store all their belongings that aren’t attractive enough to be displayed at all times.
  5. Tuscan StylePeople tend to be leaning more towards contemporary design with less ornamentation. It is best to keep things simple when staging your home for sale. Heavy design in any style may alienate some buyers, so it is best to stay away from design themes and find a style that fits with the demographic and home location.
While it is smart to add popular design trends when staging your home for sale, doing too much may cause adverse reactions. As a rule of thumb, choose one trend to incorporate and do so in moderation and in décor items only.Interested in finding out how much you can save by staging? Download our Savings by Staging to find out!Click to DownloadFor a free in-home consultation, contact Buyers Desire Home Staging by calling 781-489-8489 or