How to Stage a Home for Sale

a mirror hanging above a credenza with a potted orchidWhen we are shopping for home décor, we tend to attract the attention of other shoppers because we have so much in our shopping carts! This often leads to people asking what we are doing with so many items. When we explain that we are professional home stagers, they inevitably tell us their home selling story or they ask us for tips on how to stage a home for sale.There are many tips for how to stage a home for sale that we are happy to share with you.

  • Declutter and depersonalize – You hear it all the time when you look up “how to stage a home for sale”. It is very important to give buyers the impression that if they lived in the home, they could live a clutter-free life. When you depersonalize your home, you’ll remove photos of your family and friends, and thus allow buyers to imagine themselves in the home.
  • Neutralize paint colors – Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Gray is a trending color in home staging right now. You can read our blog, Painting Tips When Preparing Your Home for Sale for more information on painting, or you can read our blog, "New" Neutral Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Every Home Builder Should Know About for advice on choose neutral colors that style add style.
  • Use mirrors – Mirrors open up the space and bounce light around. Buyers also receive a subconscious message about being in the home when they see themselves in a mirror. You can read more about using mirror and lighting in our blog, Professional Home Stagers Create Illusions of Space.
  • Light your home properly – The brighter the better! Use all sources of lighting to your advantage – overhead lighting (be sure they are clean with bright bulbs), accent lighting, and task lighting. Light fixtures need to be up-to-date as well as functional. Dated light fixtures make buyers feel that the home is old and possibly neglected.
  • Remove heavy draperies – Heavy draperies lead to a dark home and the feeling that the home is outdated. Believe it or not, in many cases it is better to show a window with no window treatments at all than outdated ones.
  • Remove wallpaper – Buyers don’t want to do the work or pay the expense of removing wallpaper. Although wall paper is beginning to trend in design circles right now, it is a very personal choice, and not recommended for home staging. Chances are if you are planning to stage a home for sale the wall paper in the home is very outdated. It is much better to remove it now, than take a big price reduction because of it later.
  • Replace worn carpet with hardwood if possible – Buyers want hardwoods, but if you can’t bear the expense (although there are inexpensive hardwood laminates and imitation hardwoods on the market) at the very least have the carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Remove all evidence of pets – Those of us who have pets love them, they are part of the family. However, buyers may have allergies or fears and may likely dismiss your home just based on the fact that you have pets. To prevent this remove all evidence of pets – including bowls, pet beds and smells!
  • Artwork should be neutral – If you want to stage a home for sale, you must have neutral artwork. Natural images are best – landscapes and modern florals go a long way when you stage a home for sale. Avoid portraits or paintings where you can see a person’s features. These are too personal for a buyer to imagine themselves having in their home.
chairs facing a fireplaceDownload “5 Simple Solutions to Deodorize Your Home” for easy, natural ways to make you home smell clean and fresh.Click to DownloadIf you are wondering how to stage a home for sale, call us in for a free home staging consultation. There are many more ways to stage a home for sale that the tips we mentioned above. When we stage a home for sale, we make a customized plan for each home. We will address all the issues discussed here and more, including furniture layout and curb appeal.To schedule a free in-home staging consultation, call us at 781-489-8489.SaveSave