How to Successfully Use Pillows When Staging a Home

floral throw pillowWe are going to give you the down-low on the pil-low! Whether you love or loathe the decorative pillow, it is an important accessory when staging a home. Decorative throw pillows, with the right placement and selection can transform couches, chairs, beds and often, entire rooms. Bright colored pillows and pretty patterns can add a punch of color, interest and happiness to a space. When staging a home, the decorative pillow can create a bold color statement but can also help to guide the buyer’s eye. Bright colored throw pillows can be used to distract, a buyer from an undesirable feature in a home. The correct use of colors and patterns in a collection of throw pillows can help pull together the colors of a room. Using bold colorful throw pillows and other accessories when staging a home is like adding pretty jewelry to a little black dress; it just wouldn’t look the same without it.USING DECORATIVE THROW PILLOWS ON A COUCH. It’s best to use an odd number of pillows like three or five. A simple mix of patterns and solids can create a big impact. By using two colors on the opposite side of the color wheel, like blue and yellow, you can create bold, eye-catching statements. When staging a home, professional stagers tend to use neutral colors in furniture choices; which provide great backgrounds for these bright statement pieces. Make sure that your cushions are pulling together other colors in the room. Many professional home stagers use the artwork in the room for the basis of deciding on colors for decorative throw pillows. If you are using multiple patterns in your throw pillow grouping, be sure to keep colors the same and use varying scales of patterns. Add a soft, colorful blanket draped onto the sofa and you have completed your look (this can also help hide stains or imperfections on a piece of furniture).sofa with throw pillowsUSING DECORATIVE THROW PILLOWS ON THE BED. When staging a home, it’s important to make bedrooms feel like a comfortable retreat. Make beds look beautiful with pretty comforters and pillows. Start with the biggest pillows in the back and as you move forward go smaller. Varying size, color and texture promotes interest and variation. It’s best to stick with neutral colors for bedding when staging a home. Using bedding that is white, off-white or light grey is best; then add punches of color and texture with decorative throw pillows.bed staged with throw pillowsOUTDOOR. Don’t forget to add some bright throw pillows and cushions on your outdoor furniture in the warmer months when staging a home. It will help buyers to imagine relaxing and entertaining in the outdoor space.outdoor sofa with throw pillows on ascreened porchTRENDS. A not so new trend is the karate chop in the middle of the pillow. The act of karate chopping a pillow places a crease in the middle to create two points at the top. To chop or not to chop, that is the question. Bright corals and sea glass hues are very popular and texture is in! When shades of color are similar, play with texture to keep the design visually interesting.So don’t be afraid to use decorative throw pillows to create a colorful impact when staging a home. Play with color, pattern and texture and place a square on every chair.For a guide on how to use pillows when staging a home see Pottery Barn’s Guide, How to Layer Pillows on a Bed.For more information on staging a home, see What Buyers Desire.Click to DownloadContact Buyers Desire Home Staging for a complimentary consultation at 781-489-8489 or at