Interior Design and Interior Redesign. What’s the Difference?

In our last blog post, Home Staging and Interior Redesign. What's the Difference?, we explained the that the main difference between home staging and interior design is who the design is being implemented for. With home staging, the goal is to market the property to the most likely buyer of the home. Therefore, the design style and function of the home is geared towards that target market. With interior design, the design is executed for the home owner, with their specific function and design style in mind.Many home stagers, Buyers Desire Home Staging included, also called themselves "interior redesigners." But what does this mean and how does interior redesign differ from interior design? The difference between interior redesign and home staging is the same as the difference between home staging and interior design. Meaning, that interior redesign is conducted with the home owner in mind, just like interior design – so what's the difference and how do you decide which is right for you? Read these differences below to find out:Schooling:architectural drawingsInterior designers have obtained a degree in interior design learning design principals and elements in addition to the technical side of design, such as CAD illustrations and building codes.Interior redesigners do not need to obtain a college degree in their industry, although many have completed some form of training. Buyers Desire Home Staging has successfully completed their training through Home Staging Resource, which is an accredited staging and redesign course through the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). Interior redesigners know design principles, but not the technical aspect of design.

Scope of Work:Interior designers are usually much more involved with a remodeling project. They can create and submit design schematic drawings to receive permits from the town. Contractors and other service providers can follow these drawings to build the space. They also manage contractors and other service providers.Interior redesigners make suggestions on updated and renovations. They are skilled at putting together a cohesive design with finishes, such as tile, paint color, flooring, window treatments, etc. However, they do not create schematic drawings that a contractor could use to implement a plan.Budget:Interior designers usually work with people who have a large budget allowance for the project, since major renovations are being conducted. $10,000 and up is the typical budget of an interior designer.Interior redesigners usually work with clients who have a much smaller budget – usually under $5,000living room before and after stagingBusiness Model:Interior designers usually make their money from marking up contracted work, materials, and any furniture and décor items sourced.Interior redesigners usually charge for their time and do not mark anything up.Design Aesthetic:Most (but not all) interior designers excel at a particular design style and their clients usually hire them based on the fact they would like to implement that look into their home.Interior redesigners are more like design chameleons and analyze your particular design style and implement it into your home. Since interior redesigners are often home stagers as well, they are used to getting into the mindset of a particular person (target market) and implementing a design based on that group. Therefore their range of styles they implement can be more diverse.If you need to completely remodel a space, then hiring an interior designer is the way to go. However, if you desire a new look without major renovations, an interior redesigner is a great choice.Did you know we offer interior redesign services? Call us at 781-489-8489 to schedule a free in home interior redesign consultation today!SaveSaveSaveSave