Is Professional Real Estate Staging Just Smoke and Mirrors?

living room after home stagingStaging a home for sale is not magic, and it is not done to fool buyers. Professional real estate staging is all about showing the home to its full potential.Do we use mirrors? Of course we do! They are a useful tool in real estate staging. When buyers see their reflection in a mirror, they subconsciously imagine themselves in the home. Mirrors also reflect light and help homes feel brighter and more spacious. Smoke? Well, obviously smoke isn't a good idea – but lighting the fireplace on a cool day is a great idea when staging a home for sale! A fireplace is a desirable feature – we say show it off! We also determine the best layout for furniture to provide the most comfortable flow throughout your home. Our professional home staging service makes customized recommendations for your unique home.Staging a home for sale is much more than a formula. fireplaceOur professional real estate staging service goes beyond bringing attractive décor to your home. We look at your home with a critical eye, the same way a buyer will. We will always recommend properly correcting any repair issues with your home, we never recommend hiding them. Many times home owners overlook deferred maintenance such cracks in the wall and dripping faucets, because they are used to living with it. We want your home to be in tip top shape for two reasons. The first is help you sell it for the most amount of money possible in the shortest amount of time; buyers will hone in on repair issues and either decide there is too much work and move on to the next home, or they will make a low offer. The second reason is for the buyer. The average buyer is looking to purchase a home that is free of immediate repairs and move-in ready.We do not believe in tricking buyers – we believe in showing them a stylish home they can imagine themselves living in comfortably. We always work with a targeted buyer in mind – we do research to determine the most likely buyer for your home, and then stage to appeal to that buyer. It's not magic, its professional real estate staging!For guidance on choosing a qualified professional home stager download our guide, Ten Most Important Questions to Ask a Home Staging Company.Click to DownloadCall for a free professional home staging consultation at 781-489-8489.Save