Kitchen Remodel in Hopkinton MA

How Paint and Woodworking Transformed a Dated Kitchenkitchen beforeThis kitchen was in a beautiful Colonial in Hopkinton, MA. The home owner had purchased the home three years ago and while she loved the kitchen layout, she was never impressed by the craftsmanship of the kitchen. The island felt cheap with a simple wood surround, there was no crown molding, and the entry way that divided the kitchen from the family room was simple sheet rock with no molding whatsoever.

"It feels like the contractor cheaped out when building this house and left out crucial details."While this was true, the bones of the kitchen were great – nice hard wood floors, granite countertops, and wood cabinets that were in great condition. The only problems were the color of the kitchen cabinets and the lack of woodworking detail throughout."I thought about completely gutting the kitchen and starting from scratch but that seemed overkill. I just wanted an updated kitchen without a big expense or time investment."Luckily, the client called in Steve Hubley of Hubley Painting. This kitchen is a simple fix for Steve and his crew, as painting cabinets and woodworking are his specialties.neutral paint colorsThe first step in this transformation was to identify paint colors. The home owner had already done research on Houzz to get a sense of out what colors she liked. She found a wall color called Stingray from Benjamin Moore that really spoke to her. It is a soft gray green, which is a currently a very popular color. With our large paint swatches, we looked at Stingray in her home to assess how the color looked in her kitchen, as lighting changes colors dramatically. Luckily, the color worked great with the lighting in her kitchen.From there she knew she wanted white cabinets. However, there are literally hundreds of whites to choose from. After some trial and error, the perfect white was identified: Benjamin Moore Dove White. This shade of white is bright but still soft and goes perfectly with Stingray. Next, she knew she wanted the island to be its own entity and have a dark gray color. Although she could have played it safe and painted the island the same white as the cabinets, this would have created a much less dramatic kitchen. The darker color on the island helps it be the star and adds a visually pleasing effect. Using the White Dove and Stingray color, as well as the existing granite, we identified Benjamin Moore Bear Creek as the best gray color for the island.
doorway with new moldingOnce the colors were chosen the work could begin. Hubley Painting came in and worked their magic. They added wainscoting and corbel details to the island, which added some much needed elegance. Crown molding was added to the top of the cabinets to give the cabinets a more substantial and expensive look. Crown molding was added to the walls as well to cap them off. Lastly, thick paneled molding was added to the entryway between the kitchen and family room, which aided for a better transition between the two rooms and added to the upgraded feel of the kitchen.To finish off the look, the home owner found amazing cabinet pulls from Restoration Hardware and added them to all her drawers. Matching bronze knobs were added to the cabinet doors. A new task light over the sink was added from Pottery Barn as well as a new light over the table.
While the kitchen stills needs a white subway tiled backsplash and curtains to truly be finished (and are in the works), the kitchen has been dramatically afterAre you currently choosing paint colors for your home renovation? Download our Color Testing Guide to make sure you are choosing the best paint colors for your home.Click to DownloadFor further assistance with paint color selection, call us at 781-489-8489 to schedule a color consultation today!SaveSave