Let the Buyer be Selfish!

Buyers are only thinking about themselves when shopping for a home. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments they are likely to ever make, and it is a very personal investment as well. They are focused solely on their wants and needs in a home – and that isn’t going to change!

When your home is on the market, it does you no good to let potential buyers see evidence of you in the home. If you want to sell your home quickly, you must take down all photos of you and your family. When a buyer sees photos of your family, evidence of your religion, or other personal items with names on them, they stop the “mental move-in” process. They begin to disassociate from the home when they see your personal mementos. Buyers are busy imagining themselves living in the home – don’t interrupt that process by reminding them that another family currently lives there.

When we stage a home, we research the demographic of the area and stage to the most likely buyer. The home should be all about them! We create an environment that reflects a lifestyle they are aspiring to. It may be a little strange for you to live in the staged home, you may miss your personal touches, but if you’re serious about selling, then staging your home is the way to go.

Buyers Desire Home Staging - selfish 1Buyers Desire Home Staging - selfish 2

In this before and after photo, you can see we removed the personal photos from the wall shelves and replaced them with different vases with white flowers. The home owner told us that her previous Realtor had told her to leave all her personal photos because people like to see that other people were happy here in the home. We have heard this from other people as well. Recently we were conducting a Walk and Talk service and the home owner’s aunt was going on the tour with us. As we told the owner to remove all the personal photos, the aunt was confused and explained how when she was looking for a home she would always stop and admire the personal photos and be very interested in knowing who currently lived there. We explained how it stopped the “mental move-in” process and whether it was a positive or negative, her mind stopped thinking about herself in the home, and instead on the family who currently lived there. Buyers need to be focused on themselves when searching for a home and removing all traces of personal photos and items helps them do this.

Buyers are also looking for a home that is move-in-ready. You may feel that fixing the leaky faucet and peeling wallpaper can be the next owner’s issues, but buyers don’t want to buy work! Deferred maintenance will also stop the mental move-in process. Instead of buyers imagining living in the home, they start imagining the time and money they would need to invest if they bought the home. Buyers want a home they can see themselves living in and immediately start enjoying.

Once the buyer can “see” themselves living comfortably in the home, they have a higher probability of making an offer. Don’t stop that process by showing them who you are or the little forgotten repairs!

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