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It seems that everyone has seen the HGTV show "Love It or List It." A real estate agent helps clients find a new home while a designer remodels their existing home. The couple then decides whether to stay in their newly remodeled home or move into the home the real estate agent found. We don't go to this extent, but we can redesign your home if you want to stay in it, or stage it if you plan to list your home for sale!Many times, people who hire us to stage their home for sale then hire us to design their new home. When we stage a home, we highlight the desirable aspects of the home. We update the décor, give a purpose to underutilized rooms, and make sure the furniture is placed for maximum flow and function. Sellers see the dramatic difference our home staging service makes to their existing homes, and they often call us back to implement an interior redesign their new homes.Our professional home staging service is customized to appeal to the most likely buyer for your home. We research the buyer demographic for your location, size, and style of your home. We then stage the home to appeal to that exact pool of buyers. Last year, the homes we staged sold 76% faster and for 6% more money than homes we consulted on but did not stage. You can read more statistics here. You will have a faster sale when the home is designed to appeal to the correct buyer.Once you've found your new home, you can call us in to update it with an interior redesign. When you do this, every choice will be all about you and your preferences. What type of style and feel do YOU want in the home? What colors give you a good feeling? What furniture styles do you gravitate to? What of your existing furniture do you want to keep? What special considerations do you have (i.e. are there children or elderly parents living with you? Do you work an evening schedule?) All these questions and many more are asked so we can hone in on your exact design aesthetic.After all, you were staging to sell quickly and get top dollar. Why not take some of that extra money and spend it on yourself? Make your new home a true reflection of you. Your home should be designed around your needs and desires.We can also design your home with a future sale in mind. It is not uncommon for us to redesign the interior of someone's home knowing that they will be staging sell the home in a few years. We will design your home with an exit strategy in mind. For example, during our questioning to define your style, needs and preferences, we may find that you love a very strong color – for example, let's use Benjamin Moore's exotic purple 2071-10.Benjamin Moore's exotic purple 2071-10This is a very taste specific color, and not likely to appeal to a wide pool of buyers. So, we would design the home using this color on an accent wall (instead of painting an entire room) with the understanding that it would be painted over before staging to sell. We would also use the color throughout the room in accessories that may be replaced in the future. There are various options to explore.

Below is a mocked up example of a room using this color:

living room with purple wallThis room is a mocked up example of a redesign using a taste specific color. The color, purple, was used on an accent wall only. This allows for staging later, simply by painting the accent wall to match the neutral color of the other walls.Below is the same room with the purple wall color removed.

living room with beige walls

With the wall painted back to a neutral color, the room is staged to sell. Depending upon the current style trends and the condition of the pillows, they may not need to be updated when staging to sell.Whether you are staging to sell your home, or want it redesigned for your specific needs, we can help you.Download our What Buyers Desire guide below to learn what buyers are looking for.Click to DownloadIf you are listing your home for sale or want to have your home redesigned for the way you live, please call us at 781.489.8489 for a FREE home staging consultation.Save