Maximize Your Space with Home Staging

We stage homes throughout the greater Boston area. Typically, the closer a home is to the city, the smaller the home is. When we assess a small home for staging we are always looking at ways to make the home feel as spacious as possible. It begins with having the homeowner declutter and depersonalize, but we take it much further. We research the buyer demographic for the area to create a customized plan for each home. We then create a design plan that unifies the home with color, décor, and artwork that is stylized to appeal to the most likely buyer. This simplification combined with the rhythmic pattern of color balanced throughout the home produces the feeling of serenity and order. If there are too many colors and décor items with opposing styles, the home feels chaotic, and will not attract a buyer. The key to home staging is creating harmony and balance.

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We transformed this space from a chaotic space to a serene living room, where buyers could imagine themselves relaxing or entertaining guests. We also showed off the hardwood floors by removing the rug.

When we consult in the suburbs we apply the same principals as described above, but we often find a different problem; many home owners have underutilized – and in many cases – over filled rooms. Based on our assessment of the buyer demographic and the size and character of the home, we determine what the best use for the space will be. We have been in many homes that have rooms being used as storage, which simultaneously gives the impression of wasted space and lack of adequate storage. We have transformed these rooms into bedrooms, sewing rooms, offices, craft rooms, and family rooms. Sometimes we stage a home that has so many bedrooms, the space seems wasted. The room can still be listed as a bedroom, although we have staged it as “bonus” space.

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In the first example above, a bedroom that was being used as storage in a small home in Boston. Since this was such a small home in the city, we staged it as an office, because the most likely buyer would be a young professional. The other two examples are of homes in the suburbs that had 5 bedrooms or more. Not every bedroom needs to be staged as a bedroom. Here, we staged these bedrooms as a sewing/craft room, and the other as a master retreat, as it was inside the master suite.

We always consult with the listing agent to be sure they are “on board” with changes like these. Although they still market the room as a bedroom, they tend to like the versatility we bring to the home, as it gives the buyer more options. When a buyer can see themselves living an organized, productive life in the home, they will begin mentally moving in, and make an offer.

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