No Cost Bathroom Renovations when Selling a Home

bath tub and wall of windowsWe all know that buyers place a high value on bathrooms and are key rooms to renovate when selling a home. The number of bathrooms a home has is also very important and sometimes it may even be worth your while to add an additional bathroom to your home. But what happens when you have an outdated bathroom and no money to renovate? Although we always to recommend our clients to conduct quick and inexpensive renovations that have a high return-on-investment, sometimes it isn’t possible. When you are selling a home, we can make the bathroom look great with no money put into renovating. Aside from paying for our staging services – that is a no cost bathroom renovation!In real estate, there is a term called functional obsolescence, which Investopedia defines as:“A reduction in the usefulness or desirability of an object because of an outdated design feature, usually one that cannot be easily changed.”When selling a home, this term frequently refers to the number of bathrooms a property has. For example, a three bedroom house with one bathroom is functionally obsolete to today’s buyers, who would expect at least two full bathrooms for a three bedroom house. Additionally, homes without a connected bathroom to the master bedroom are becoming functionally obsolete as well, as more and more buyers view a master suite as a necessity instead of a luxury. A princess suite (a secondary bedroom with a bathroom connected) is also becoming more desirable – yet at this time is not viewed as essential. For more information, read Redfin’s blog post: Tons of Toilets: Which City Sits Atop the Throne. Adding a bathroom when selling a home may be a big undertaking, but could make you much more on the sales price. Always consult your real estate agent before making a renovation such as this.Aside from functional obsolescence, another big factor to buyers is the design of the bathrooms in the home. Home buyers are afraid of major renovations and don’t have the time or desire to conduct these renovations. Buyers want a move-in ready home – read our previous blog post: Renovations and Home Staging for more information. However, many sellers we meet have a target list date to capitalize on the market and don’t want to put in the time (or money) to update an outdated bathroom. When this happens, it is our job to make the bathroom look as good as it possibly can so buyers won’t walk away. The idea is to show buyers that even though they may want to renovate at some point, the bathroom can look good for a few years until they are ready to do so.Below are two examples of homes we staged where the home owners had outdated bathrooms but chose not to renovate them prior to listing. In both examples, the homes sold at the first open house for over asking price!

bathroom before & afterIn this before photo you can see the blue floor tile is very outdated. Fortunately, the once blue wall tiles had been reglazed white, which helps modernize the bathroom. This was the only full bathroom in the three bedroom home in Revere, MA. We knew that in its current state, buyers would quickly turn away from this home.

With simple home staging design tricks, we made this bathroom appear fresh and modern. By bringing in blue accents in the shower curtain and the towels, the blue floor tile now looks like a purposeful design choice. We also kept with the homeowners’ existing lime green mats and carried the color through in the towels, shower curtain and wrapped soap. This is a fun color combination and livened up an otherwise dated looking bathroom.

bathroom before & afterThis bathroom was in rough shape when we first saw it. The home owners knew that they should renovate the bathroom but didn’t have the will to do so. They were listing their home in only a week so we knew we had to make it look good without any renovations.

We added a shower curtain that contained the colors of the wall tile within to create a cohesive design. Then, we added art, a flowering plant, and hand soap in coordinating colors. When the home owner saw what we had done she said, “All these years I lived here and hated this bathroom. In less than a day you made my awful bathroom look good!”

When selling a home, presenting it for what buyers except today is crucial to selling quickly and for top dollar. This may mean adding another bathroom, renovating a bathroom with modern finishes, or possibly just some design tricks to make an outdated bathroom look new. In any case, we can help guide you with in the process.

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