On The Flip Side

When it comes to home staging, we know what it takes to impress buyers. Often, we are asked to consult on homes that have recently been "flipped". Many times flippers make decisions regarding finishes, layout and color choices that do not work well for the home. As stagers, we make the best of these choices and work to detract from poor decisions that were made along the way.

We know what buyers desire and can help you plan the space accordingly. You can avoid making costly mistakes by calling us in first. We can help chose the right colors and finishes from the start, as part of our staging service. We also have relationships with architects, contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers, flooring installers and more, so we can manage your project if you want a more "hands off" approach.

We have been called in by flippers who have made costly mistakes, who were unable to correct them because they were out of money and desperate to put their homes on the market. Some have been able to correct them, but at a high price. In the example below, a flipper used two different "discount" granites that clashed in order to save money. He also made the kitchen island so large that the once the refrigerator was installed, its door was unable to open completely. He also wanted to install the stove in the island, but chose the wrong type of stove for the job. We redesigned his kitchen to make it function properly. Unfortunately, his untrained decisions caused him to waste a great deal of money. Money that should have stayed in his pocket!

flip beforeflip after

If you're going to stage your flip (which, by the way, will help it sell 73% faster) call us in before you start renovations. We always give our clients a Home Preparation Plan as part of our staging service. This includes all the advice we have to offer about paint colors, finishes, and layout. Our advice won't cost you any more than it would if you hired us to stage at the end of your project. Make the right choices from the start of your renovation and save time and money – both of which are critical when you are flipping a home.

Even if you have flipped before, don't make the mistake of taking on a huge project like flipping a home without consulting a trained professional in design from the beginning. After all, this is an investment not a hobby.

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