Our 2013 Home Staging Statistics

On average, the homes we staged sold 76% faster and for 6% more than homes we consulted on but the sellers chose not to stage with us. If you are selling a home worth $400,000 – that is an additional $24,000 in your pocket!

Of the home sellers who chose to stage with us:

  • 25% were able to list higher than originally planned due to staging
  • 250% was the average return-on-investment for our service
  • 63% were under agreement after the first open house
  • 80% were under agreement within 30 days

When compared to homes that we consulted on but the sellers chose not to stage with us, our clients:

  • Were twice as likely to receive asking price or more
  • Were 86% less likely to have a price reduction
  • Made 58% more if the home sold less than the asking price
  • Were on the market an average of 23 days vs. 95 days (sold 76% faster)
  • Made an average of 99% sales to list price vs. 93% (6% more)

Example of a staged home vs. an unstaged home

In 2013, we staged a home in a condominium complex in Watertown, MA. At the same time the staged unit was on the market, a very similar condo in the same complex was also on the market. Each unit had comparable kitchens and baths and overall condition of the home was the same. The main difference was one was staged and one was not.

Below you can see the outcome of each home.

  Condo A - Staged Condo A - Unstaged
Condominium Complex The Village The Village
Bedrooms 2 2
Bath 1.5 2
Square Footage 1300 1300
Listing Price $319,000 $295,000
Selling Price $320,000 $285,000
Difference from Listing and Selling Price +1,000 -$10,000
Days on Market 4 240

Not only did the staged unit receive an over asking price offer at the first open house, but they were able to list their home $24,000 more than the unstaged unit. Over all, the staged unit made $35,000 more than the unstaged unit and sold in 4 days vs 240!

Below are picture comparisons of the two units. You can see the staged unit on the left looks bright and cheery while the unstaged unit looks dark and depressing.

Home Staging Statistics

Bottom line: People are willing to pay more for homes that look bright, clean, and stylish. Staging is an investment in your home that has a high return-on-investment. You will double your chances for selling at asking price. Even if your home sells less than asking price, you will still make more money on the sale than if you hadn’t staged. The question isn’t, “can I afford to stage my home?” it is “can I afford NOT to stage my home?”

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