Painting Tips When Preparing Your Home for Sale

Paint has the ability to quickly and inexpensively brighten, update, and freshen the look of your home when you are preparing your home for sale. That being said, the right paint color and proper application must be used to make your home appeal to buyers in the real estate market. A taste specific color or sloppy application will make buyers feel they would need to repaint before they could move in, and this could prevent them from making an offer.

pink and purple bedroombedroom repainted in a neutral color
This room was painted pink and purple, which was cute and fun while our client's daughters lived in the home, but would be off-putting to potential buyers.Painted a neutral color, this room still feels comfortable for the girls while they live there, but buyers know that they don't need to paint before moving in.
Most everyone knows that neutral paint should be used, but neutral paint doesn't need to be boring!The trend has gone away from beige to tones of gray. You can read our blog "New" Neutral Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Every Home Builder Should Know About, to learn more.Ladder, roller and paint bucketsWhen preparing your home for sale, choosing the right color is only the first step. The application of the paint is also a very important factor in the end result. We've seen some homeowners who have done a fantastic job of painting their home before we stage it for sale. However, the majority of sellers we've met who have painted their homes themselves have done a less than stellar job. A poor paint application detracts from the home. In many cases we see wall paint that is in need of another coat, and is splashed onto the trim and ceiling. This is why we refer our clients to a professional painter, Hubley Painting, when a home needs to be painted.
If you have the stamina and skill for painting when preparing your home for sale, here are some tips that will help you get the job done right:
  • Chose the finish that is the most appropriate for the area you are painting; an eggshell finish is relatively easy to clean, and used on most walls
  • Gloss or semi-gloss is generally used on trim
  • A low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint will have little or no hazardous fumes
  • Consult a paint professional to determine how many gallons of paint you'll need to get the job done. In most cases, a gallon will cover about 400 square feet.
  • If you prime the walls first, your paint will adhere better, and cover a larger area
  • Don't forget that in most cases, your walls will need at least two coats of paint
  • If you are covering a dark color, or painting a dark color over a light color, you'll probably need at least three coats of paint
  • When choosing a roller, think about the texture of your walls. If your walls are nice and smooth, a foam roller and latex paint is a safe bet. If your walls are lightly textured, look for a roller with a short knap. If you are painting concrete or stucco, a longer – more plush – knap will deliver the paint more effectively.
  • When painting trim with latex paint, disposable foam brushes or synthetic bristle brushes are great tools. If you are using oil based paint, a natural hair brush is the right tool for the job.
  • When using painter's tape to mask of an area, press down on the tape with a putty knife to prevent seepage of paint under the tape. Another method is to paint along the edge of the tape with the base color and let dry. Then when you paint the accent color, the paint will not be able to bleed under the tape
Staging your home for sale can be a multi-layered process. When painting is required, it is best left to a professional. If you want to go-it alone, take the time to do it right. Be sure to paint neatly and to apply enough coats to cover all traces of the former color. Also ensure you have chosen a paint color that is neutral but still on trend.Download our Color Testing Guide at the link below for more information on painting your home.Click to DownloadIf you need help choosing the correct paint color when preparing your home for sale, call us for a FREE in-home consultation at 781-489-8489, and come on the market strong!Save